Yoga Burn Review {SHOCKING}: Scam, Does it Work? BENEFITS


Yoga Burn Review

What is Yoga Burn or Her Yoga?

Yoga Burn or Her Yoga Secrets is a 12 week yoga program designed specifically for women. Yoga Burn is built around a technique named Dynamic Sequencing that focuses on weight loss.

The program was created by Zoe Bray Cotton as a way for women to have a reliable yoga program that works even for women that have never done yoga before. Zoey Bray Cotton is an experienced instructor and is a female body transformation expert, so you can rest assured as the program was created by an experienced personal trainer.

The program consists in 3 steps of specified yoga poses and workouts. During each step you are required to follow a set of 3 videos that last about 15 minutes.

As the program specifies you must repeat this work out 3 times. There is a 4th step that is given as a free bonus to those that but the program. CLICK HERE TO GET BONUSES!!

This 4th step is focused on reaching a state of tranquility and complete serenity. The technique in which the workouts are based is called Dynamic Sequencing.

Dynamic Sequencing helps the student learn all the steps and sequences of the program. Dynamic sequencing will help you get a better shape without stressing your body over the top since you will learn the steps and poses the right way.

Yoga Burn Benefits

There are a lot of pros going on for this program.

  • Experienced Instructor: Zoey Bray Cotton is an experienced trainer and yoga instructor. Because of the experience she has in this field of work, you can be assured that the program will surely work and you will get results. CLICK HERE TO GET BONUSES!!
  • Women with every kind of physique can be a part of the program: You don’t have to be an experienced yoga student to be able perform the workouts, and the learning curb is optimized because of the Dynamic Sequencing method.
  • The program is specifically designed to take you to the end: One of the hardest things to accomplish while exercising is to do it every day without missing a workout. It is easy to get used to the poses and sequences, and because of the way the workouts are presented, you feel the results immediately, motivating you to go on.
  • Money well spend: The program is worth the while. There are guaranteed results, even if it takes a little bit more efforts.

Yoga Burn Cons

But as the program has many pros, there must be some cons to go with them.

  • Experienced yoga students may feel the program too easy: The program is designed in a way that even non-experienced yoga students can work their way through.
  • Due to this, experienced yoga students may feel the workouts a little bit light or maybe even not feel any effort when performing these exercises.
  • The results vary depending on the physique: The results will vary on the physique the student has and the effort they our onto the program. The results will vary on different students, since some of them will have to work harder to get results.

What is Included?

The whole package includes all the videos containing the workouts and directions. There are 9 videos without the bonuses. The videos are enough to last for 4 weeks, and since there are 3 phases we are talking about a month worth of content more or less if you include the bonus videos. CLICK HERE TO GET BONUSES!!

Is Yoga Burn a Scam?

There is no such thing as an scam in this program. The only way you can fail is if you don’t follow the steps provided. The money is well spent because the program is designed so you can see results even if you are not a professional.

Final Verdict

Yoga burn is a complete program that can be very useful for women that are aiming to reduce fat with enjoyable and easy to follow program that guide you through every step.

It is worth the month or so you spend practicing the exercises that are in the program, and maybe you will need to work harder for it than other people, but you can rest assured as you will definitely see the results. CLICK HERE TO GET BONUSES!!