Xenadrine Core Review: Scam, Side Effects, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Xenadrine Core ReviewsXenadrine Core reviews

Xenadrine core is a dietary supplement that is meant to be taken while exercising. Xenadrine was designed for hardcore workouts to get you extreme results. Xenadrine is a supplement that will help those who want to lose weight. According to the markers, Xenadrine will deliver a thermos sensation throughout your body to help lose weight.

Company behind Xenadrine Core

The company that make Xenadrine core is a Canadian company by the name of Lovate Health Sciences, which was created in 2003. This company specializes in health and fitness products.

Xenadrine Core Claims

  • Powerful Weight Loss: As stated before, the company claims that Xenadrine will ensure more weight loss while taking this pill.
  • Unrivaled sensory & energy: the pill will ensure that your body is burning more calories, which will increase the amount of energy you feel while working out.
  • Hardcore thermogenic formula: This back to the burning of more calories. With the intense amount of calories burning, it causes a lot of heat to build up in the body, which gives you this thermogenic feeling.

Xenadrine Core Ingredients

Xenadrine core is made with Gotu Kola, a unique ingredient extracted from a green plant. It is also made with Perilla Seed Extract, a native plant that lives in Asia. Another ingredient is Caraway Seed Extract – a herb that contains caravacrol. Lastly, it is made with Forskohlii, which is extracted from coleus forskohlii.

How Xenadrine Core Works?

During the first two days, make sure you swallow the Xenadrine core pill 30 minutes before eating a meal. After day three and above, make sure you swallow the pill two times a day. According to the company, the product promotes weight loss, which is backed by two scientific studies. As far as the details in the science, no statement has been released by the company – other than the fact that they have data to back up their product.

Xenadrine Core Pros

  • increases energy levels in the body
  • It contains clinically proven ingredients
  • It also boosts the sensory organs
  • Lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels

Xenadrine Core Cons

  • Some ingredients have been found to be ineffective, as they do not offer weight loss effects
  • Some side effects have been reported

Xenadrine Core Results

According to the website, people who took the supplement did, in fact, lose weight, which was almost double of the results of those who did not.

Where to buy Xenadrine Core?

You can buy this product at the following stores: GNC, Amazon, Bodybuilding.com, Drugstore.com, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, and Muscle and Strength.

Is Xenadrine Core a scam?

The bottom line is no. Of course, it is hard to proof if a supplement is a scam because so many factors go into health, such as diet, genetics, etc. But, the company has been known for having a good reputation, and according to reviews, it has a high rating.

Xenadrine Core Side Effects

Since caffeine is in the product, it can cause side effects like headaches, blood pressure, heart rate, and dehydration. Again, this is subjunctive because side effects vary between people, and it is difficult to pinpoint a side effect that is caused by this pill and not something else. People have also reported tremor and anxiety.

Final Verdict

I would say to get this product. It is well worth the sum, and I believe that the science behind it does proof it works; in fact, after looking at the negative comments on this supplement, it is as if most of the people who wrote a negative comment never took this supplement.

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