VividermiX Review: Scam, Ingredients, Side Effects, Results, Does it Work?


VividermiX Reviewsvividermix-reviews

Ageing is an inevitable and intrinsic feature of life but since time immemorial, humans have been continuously pursuing to reverse its effects and achieve long-lasting youth. Now, a lot of people, most of which are women, try to depend on the many products available that promise the same reversed ageing effects.

Company Behind VividermiX

VividermiX is a Florida-based company that offers a line of products on cosmetics, health, and skincare. Their products consist of the VividermiX Stemcell Activ Moisturizer, the VividermiX Instant Lifting Serum, the VividermiX Advanced Eye Treatment, and the VividermiX Brightening Formula.

VividermiX Claims

The company claims the following benefits with their line of their respective products:

  • Promotes collagen production and keeps skin balanced and hydrated
  • Grants a smoother and firmer complexion
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and eye wrinkles
  • Lightens the appearance of age spots and sun damage

How does VividermiX Work?

The VividermiX line of products use the following organic ingredients:

  • Aloe vera – hydrates and cools skin
  • Tripeptides – stimulates production of collagen
  • Cetyl liquor – hydrates skin
  • Tromethamine – anti-inflammatory and fragrance agent
  • Hydrolyzed soy protein – rejuvinates skin
  • Retinol – decreases the signs of ageing
  • Vitamin C – boosts the immune system

The active ingredients present in VividermiX’s products work together to restore a youthful and refreshed skin by minimizing pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. Due to its high antioxidant contents, the products also prevernt further ageing of the skin and its effects. The collagen synthesis is further improved causing skin cells to be stronger and firmer.

VividermiX Pros

  • Organic ingredients
  • The line of products are all natural and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified by the Food and Drug Authority. No toxic chemicals and additives were used in the production of all items.
  • All-in-one beauty regimen
  • Combining the use of all the four VividermiX products will give the consumer results that are more than just anti-ageing. Not only do they restore skin beauty, it acts as a stopper for future breakouts and blemishes.

VividermiX Cons

  • This line of product is definitely not for everybody. Since all of us have different skin types and issues, the success of their effect on one person may drastically vary to another. Make sure to visit you dermatologist first before use.
  • The products are all available only on the internet. The company doesn’t have a tangible booth.
  • Further studies need to be done regarding the products’ effectiveness, as well as the side effects that may arise (such as skin irritation, worsening of skin problems) both in the short and long terms.
  • There is no money back guarantee.

VividermiX Results

Although the active ingredients are a combination of natural extracts, a lot of consumers who tested Vividermix’ products reported their ineffectiveness to make their skins younger-looking, both after usage on a short and long term. The only visible improvement is in their immune system due to Vitamin C. But apart from this, the product failed to deliver its promise for a visibly youthful skin.

Where to Buy VividermiX?

Interested buyers can purchase the VividermiX line of products through their official website.

Is VividermiX a Scam?

As far as past consumers are concerned, they got their ordered products although it didn’t live up to its promise.

VividermiX Side effects

The line of products still need further research although no side effects were reported.

Final Verdict

We do not recommend that you purchase the Vividermix line of products as they do not provide the promised good results.