Viaxus Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, Scam, Does it Work?


Viaxus ReviewsViaxus reviews

Viaxus is a male enhance pill from Truderma designed to boost low testosterone levels and derived from so-called natural ingredients. The supplemental pill is meant to be taken once a day and can be purchased from numerous online stores. The benefits it claims to have remain unsupported by medical reviews and patients alike.

Company Behind Viaxus

Distributed by TruDerma Health and Wellness Products out of Las Vegas, Nevada the company also produces various other nutritional supplemental pills for a range of needs primarily targeted at weight loss.

Viaxus Claims

The product claims to help its users in the following areas,

  • boost low testosterone in men
  • enhance sexual libido and sexual desire
  • reduce body fat and increase metabolic rate
  • heighten energy and stamina in both sexual and other physical activities
  • promote growth of muscle mass

Viaxus Ingredients

Viaxus purports to have all natural ingredients including four separate testosterone boosters, Epimedium Sagittatum often known as Horny Goat Weed, it is a common ingredient in other testosterone boosters; Cordyceps, derived from a fungus with slightly more medical validity; Ashwagandha, an herbal stimulant that may possibly lower stress and anxiety also known to increase testosterone but in other biological ways; Tribulus Terrestris, the weakest testosterone booster in the industry. Viaxus pills are also made with two libido booster including maca root and asian ginseng which are common food derivatives

How Does Viaxus Work?

By oral ingestion of one pill a day the user should intake the appropriate amount of nutrients needed for their bodies to allow an increased production of testosterone. This is intended to be combined with a healthy diet complete with appropriate amounts of caloric ratio from fat and protein along with the daily recommended vitamins and minerals. Diet accompanied by stimulating cardiovascular exercise.

Viaxus Pros

The benefits of taking Viaxus are similar to other testosterone boosters on the market, mainly:

  • Increased blood flow, which allows the the nutrients needed to generate male performance more efficient
  • Dietary nutrients, some of the ingredients contain vitamins and minerals required for a healthy diet of any person of any age or gender
  • Suggested use is only one pill a day

Viaxus Cons

There are several more disadvantages to Viaxus:

  • Primarily has been no FDA approval of the validity of the ingredients to operate their stated functions nor any medical testing supporting the claims of the pills
  • Ingredients are derived from low quality sources
  • Reports of stomach pains
  • Low results of effectiveness

Viaxus Results

Few if any reviews discuss positive results about the effects of Viaxus. As a daily supplement there is little improvement in health that could not otherwise be supported by increased exercise and improvement in diet.

Where to Buy Viaxus?

Viaxus can be purchased from several online stores including Amazon and directly from the distributor TruDerma for a price range of $25 to $70 for a 40 pill bottle count.

Viaxus Side Effects

If purchased from TruDerma there is a money back guarantee which might be harder to obtain than the offer suggests. With no FDA testing the product can claim whatever it wants without backing up its results. The reviews do not support the claims stated.

A lot of users have complained about stomach pains and the over use of the pill can lead to more dangerous results including taking the benefit of increased blood flow to become dangerous if the user has an open wound. More possible side-effects can result if combined with other testosterone boosting supplements.

Final Verdict

When examining the actual ingredients of Viaxus it becomes clear that this product is a diluted form of low-strength testosterone boosters. There is no scientific evidence that this product can improve health in any way or provide the boost in testosterone desired. Even among its competitors Viaxus has the utmost lowest ratings by users and websites specifically designed to review male enhancement products.

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