Total Garcinia Slim Review: Scam, Side Effects, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Total Garcinia Slim ReviewsTotal Garcinia Slim reviews

Total Garcinia Slim is a weight loss supplement that has gained some popularity among people who want to lose weight. The manufacturer claims that it is not necessary to do any specific diet or exercise, which was probably the main factor which led several people to buy. But the supplement does not do what it promises, and it is possible to find several negative reviews on the internet about it.

Company Behind Total Garcinia Slim

There are not many details about the manufacturer Total Garcinia Slim, and it is not known for sure the company behind its manufacture, but, this compound is also sold under other names and different packaging.

Total Garcinia Slim Claims

  • Increases fat burning
  • Reduces cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Increases energy levels and improves mood
  • Accelerates metabolism
  • Helps control appetite

Total Garcinia Slim Ingredients

The Total Garcinia Slim formula is made up entirely of natural ingredients, such as Cayenne Pepper, Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Cherry, Green Tea Extract, Dandelion, Ursi Grape, L-Carnitine, White Willow Extract, Aurantium Citrus, Caffeine, Extract Of Guarana, Chromium and Vitamin B-6.

How Does Total Garcinia Slim Work?

Through its formula composed only of natural products, Total Garcinia Slim promises to act by burning fat and transforming it into energy for the body, also blocking the formation of new fat cells, suppressing hunger, and lowering sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood.

Total Garcinia Slim Pros

  • 100% natural- Provides some vitamins to the body

Total Garcinia Slim Cons

  • There is no study proving the efficacy of this compound
  • It can cause some unpleasant side effects
  • There is not much information about the manufacturer
  • Many negative reviews by users

Total Garcinia Slim Results

Total Garcinia Slim only promises results for users, as was already alerted by several people who bought, the product made no difference in weight loss.

Where to buy Total Garcinia Slim?

This supplement can be found mainly in supplement stores, natural products stores, and supplement sites, as well as others such as Amazon.
Is Total Garcinia Slim a scam?
Yes, this dietary supplement is chewy and does not bring the results it promises to users. It is not difficult to see this, since the supplement is sold as a “magic formula” for weight loss, not needing a diet and exercise to get results.

Total Garcinia Slim Side Effects

Side effects Some users reported some very unpleasant side effects with the use of Total Garcinia Slim, such as headaches, digestive tract discomfort, and nausea. If you use doses higher than recommended, side effects may be worse.

Final Verdict

Definitely Total Garcinia Slim is a waste of time and money. As most users have already warned that they have regretted buying the product, because it did not bring the promised results and could still cause some side effects, it is clear that it is not worth buying. There are supplements that really works for weight loss, but this is certainly not one of them.

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