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The Ex Factor Guide Review

What is The Ex Factor Guide?

This is basically a guide that will help you get back with your ex. Break ups can be heartbreaking. Many times we try to convince ourselves that it was for the best.

We try fruitlessly to cope and sometimes even get another partner but still it doesn’t feel right; not like it used to with your ex.

This is where Brad Browning steps in. In his guide you will find content that is backed up by around 10 years experience handling and advising on relationship matters. Brad Browning assures that at the end, you should have gotten your ex and forged a fruitful relationship.

How does The Ex Factor Guide Work?

The ebook is divided into chapters which are arranged as a guide which ends with successfully re-establishing your relationship. It begins with highlighting why your break up occurred. It continues by trying to help you understand the qualities that make you attractive as well as the things that make you unattractive.

It then encourages you to accept the break up. The next chapter advises you against establishing contact with your ex before one month has elapsed after the break-up so that you don’t appear desperate. It then compels you to start dating. This may seem perplexing at first but Brad explains the reasons why.

The next chapter explains what to do once your ex has re-established contact. It then explains how to conduct the perfect date with your ex and how to maintain the relationship after that.

The Ex Factor Guide Pros

  • The author’s experience shines through as it feels like you are conversing with the author.
  • It helps the reader cope with what might have been a painful break up.
  • The tips provided are practical and easily understandable.
  • It feels like the author is a close friend who knows you and cares deeply for you.

The Ex Factor Guide Cons

  • Some of the methods used can be considered immoral.
  • The program demands a lot of patience.
  • It might not work with some people.
  • It makes some assumptions that may not be applicable in some situations.

Where to buy The Ex Factor Guide?

Get this product from its official website. The product is in pdf format and also includes video and audio bonuses.

Is The Ex Factor Guide a Scam?

The guide has been reviewed by used by users to mostly positive results. General consensus is that a lot of patience is required to achieve success.

Final Verdict

If you must get back your ex then you should definitely try out this guide. It is simple to understand and easy to implement. However, as stated above, do not expect quick fire results. Follow the steps patiently and you will like the results.