Testosterone Reload Review: Claims, Scam, Side Effects, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Testosterone Reload Trial Offer

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Testosterone Reload Reviews

For those looking to supplement their muscle growth, Testosterone Reload may seem like a viable option. Supplements such as these have been shown to be necessary for those looking to add to a hard workout and healthy diet, but after using Testosterone Reload, one finds that it adds absolutely nothing.

Company Behind Testosterone Reload

The purported muscle building supplement is a product of Powerful Muscle. While new on the market, the product has yet to be properly reviewed, and one can be certain it will not last for long.

Testosterone Reload Claims

Here are some of the supposed benefits of using Testosterone Reload:

  • Enhance muscle mass
  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Increase energy levels to aid with daily tasks
  • Improve sex drive
  • Reduces fat

Testosterone Reload Ingredients

One of the ingredients of Testosterone Reload is Fenugreek, a Mediterranean herb that is supposed to increase testosterone levels. Another chemical increasing ingredient is D-Aspartic acid; an amino acid used to help digest proteins. The Peruvian plant Maca, which is thought to improve many sexual-related ailments, is also contained in the product as well as White Button Mushroom extract.

How Does Testosterone Reload Work?

Working on a biochemical level, each of the abovementioned ingredients works to increase desired chemical levels and decrease others such as estrogens. The acids not only interact with your diet to improve results, but they also aid the body in alerting it to how where more desired chemicals are needed, so as to produce the promised results.

Testosterone Reload Pros

Here are some of the real pros of using Testosterone Reload:

  • Improves sex drive for a short period of time
  • Slight reduction of fat reported by some
  • If careful, can boost energy levels
  • It is worthy to note some of these pros may be caused by other factors other than the product itself.

Testosterone Reload Cons

Here are just some of the many cons of buying Testosterone Reload:

  • No notable muscle growth
  • No substantial increase in testosterone levels
  • Various side effects

Testosterone Reload Results

As mentioned before, there are no tangible results derived from using Testosterone Reload that can be isolated from what one attains working out naturally and eating a healthy diet.

Where to Buy Testosterone Reload?

You can purchase the product online through its official website. Some retailers, such as GNC and Walmart have them on their stands, though you are better of shopping online in order to save money.

Testosterone Reload Trial Offer

Click here to get the trial offer from its official website.

Is Testosterone Reload a Scam?

While it is hard to call Testosterone Reload an outright scam, it clearly does not work either, placing it in such a category. There are clear chemical reactions in the body, but given how reduced they are, and not at all matching what the company promises, it is not worth the buy.

Testosterone Reload Side effects

Though there claim to be no side effects, reports of bloating are common. Stomach upsets, facial swelling, coughing and even allergic reactions are also among some reports of people who have used Testosterone Reload.

Final Verdict

The product seems promising at first, especially after having a look at the ingredients, but at the end of the day, the end results of product consuming are what count most, and it is there that the supplement fails. Testosterone Reload only slightly addresses some of the issues it promises to help with, meeting the company’s promises half way, while completely neglecting other promises altogether. Overall, it is no results come from using it. Trial Offer

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