Synadrene Review: Scam, Ingredients, Side Effects, Does it Work?


Synadrene ReviewsSynadrene reviews

Synadrene is a newer version of the popular supplement Synadrex. Just like Synadrex, Synadrene is formulated to support weight-loss efforts. Synadrene comprises a combination of new and effective calorie-burning ingredients to promote rapid weight loss as required by users. Furthermore, it improves mental focus and increases body energy. The product is suitable for both men and women and the dosage indication is to take one tablet orally daily.

Company Behind Synadrene

The producer of this drug is Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals. Since 1979, the US based pharmaceutical company has been manufacturing dietary supplements and distributing them worldwide. The company has a Drug Manufacturing License and is registered with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Synadrene Claims

  • It boosts mental focus
  • It aids in weight loss
  • It suppresses appetite
  • It increases fat breakdown
  • It increases body energy levels

Synadrene Ingredients

  • DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylemine): This is a synthetic product similar to Ephedrine. It was originally used as a nasal decongestant but has recently gained popularity as an ingredient in nutritional supplements. It is known to increase mental focus, treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and contribute towards weight loss.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine is a commonly used stimulant also found in beverages such as coffee. It reduces inhibitory neurotransmitters in the brain leading to increased mental stimulation and alertness. It also boosts body metabolism and aids in the burning of fat. Caffeine also increases the levels of adrenaline in the blood increasing performance.
  • Yohimbe: This is a herbal ingredient extracted from the Pausinystalia Johimbe tree in Central Africa. It has numerous health benefits. Among them are improvement of blood circulation, enhancement of sexual function and increase in the rate of weight loss.
  • Alpha Lipoic acid: This ingredient helps to boost the conversion of blood glucose to energy.
  • Green Tea extract: This improves mental alertness and concentration.

How does Synadrene Work?

This formulation boosts the body’s energy enabling one to exercise for longer without getting fatigued. By elevating the rate at which metabolism takes place, this supplement causes as individual to loose weight and maintain body weight as desired. It is also said to regulate blood glucose levels reducing the risk of type 2 Diabetes.

Synadrene Pros

  • It reduces appetite
  • It stimulates metabolism
  • It improves alertness and concentration

Synadrene Cons

  • It may lead to elevated blood pressure
  • It should not be co-administered with other medications without adequate research as drug interactions may occur
  • It is not safe for use by pregnant or lactating women
  • It is not safe for use by people under the age of 18
  • It is not scientifically proven to be effective

Synadrene Results

Some reviewers claim to experience results after use of the product. This is however not guaranteed. It may offer minimal benefits in terms of boosting concentration as it contains caffeine, but the weight loss benefits are rarely if ever noted. It is not clinically proven to work.

Where to Buy Synadrene?

You can buy Synadrene directly from the company’s official website, You may also be able to purchase the product from websites such as,, or on eBay. The product is not available on Amazon

Is Synadrene a Scam?

The company producing the drug claims to be FDA approved and adequately licensed to produce nutritional supplements. However, in-depth analysis on the long term side effects of the drug has not been done and customer satisfaction is not guaranteed. There is a slight but significant possibility that this could be a scam.

Synadrene Side Effects

  • It may cause elevated blood pressure
  • It may cause nausea and vomiting
  • It may cause diarrhea
  • It may interfere with the action of other drugs that you may be taking

Final Verdict

In summary, Synadrene does not offer adequate results to consumers. One needs to think twice before making a purchase. Value for money is not guaranteed and potential side effects are quite discouraging to any potential buyer.

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