Super LQ Review: Scam, Side Effects,Ingredients, Does it Work?


Super LQ ReviewsSuper LQ reviews

Super LQ is a liquid male supplement that promises male users a permanent increase in penis length by 3-5 inches. The male supplement has taken U-turn from the normal pills and promises users of quick results due to its liquid form that many manufacturers have not taken advantage.

Company Behind Super LQ

It is manufactured by Bonded Labs Company, a little known US company that only claims to have been in operation for many years. However, there is no proof to verify how long the company has been in operation.

Super LQ Claims

  • Increases penis size by 3-4 inches within five to eight months of usage
  • It treats erectile dysfunction
  • Increases male libido and enhances sexual performance my giving men stronger erection
  • It boost overall male sexual heath

Super LQ Ingredients

Super LQ contain several ingredients such as saw palmetto, Ginko weed, honey goat weed, Yohimbe and Avena sativa among other six more ingredients the manufacturer list as natural herbs that helps boost male sexual health. Yohime is one of the ingredients which nearly constitute 40% of the total ingredient.

How Does Super LQ Work?

According to the manufacturer, the supplement works by increasing blood flow to the penis during sex to give males a stronger erection. It stimulates various penis tissues and cells making them elongate to boost the penis length and girth. It also works by boosting proper functioning of the penis. Users need to take two drops three times a day for 5-8 weeks or more.

Super LQ Pros

  • Comes in liquid form likely to boost its absorption into the system
  • Combines several natural plant ingredients promising to offer excellent performance and solution to erectile dysfunction

Super LQ Cons

  • Not manufactured by FDA approved technology and the manufacturer does not have FDA clearance
  • It is overpriced making many users to strain to buy
  • It has achieved no certification and has never been listed to treat erectile dysfunction
  • Marketed and sold by third parties that do not guarantee money if it fails

Super LQ Results

Users have failed to notice any increase in length or girth after committing to taking the drops for over two months.

Where to Buy Super LQ?

The male supplement is readily available from third-party stores who are taking advantage of the overpriced product to fleece consumers of their hard-earned income.

Is Super LQ a Scam?

First, the product is not sold by the original manufacturer making users to read through third parties’ policies whether there is money back guarantee. The product is also overpriced and does not fulfill its alleged claims and this qualifies it as a health scam.

Super LQ Side Effects

Many users have registered various legit complains about the product. Some users have developed rush, others continue to experience abnormal heart beat; some have revealed that they have recurring stomachache and others have also complain of disrupted sleep.

Final Verdict

The numerous side effects of this male supplement it is not worth digging deep into the pocket to invite more health problems and complications to the body. It is also overpriced and not sold by the original manufacturer hence high chances of the existence of counterfeited supplements which have adverse heath effects. 

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