Ripped Freak Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Results

Ripped Freak ReviewRipped Freak

Overweight and obesity is something that no one prefers. Needless to say, there are sack loads of supplements and fat burner products out there, which tap into this market for betterment. Some are extremely good, while others are exactly the opposite. The latest to join the list is Ripped Freak- a fat burner supplement that also curbs the appetite levels. So how good is the product? Let’s find out.

Company Behind Ripped Freak

Ripped Freak fat burner is manufactured by the PharmaFreak Company. The company focuses its products based on health and wellness, testosterone boosters and performance gainers apart from the fat burners.

Ripped Freak Claims

Though a fat burner in all aspects Ripped Freak claims to,

  • Have unique ingredients that have never been used before that help a great deal in burning fat
  • It stimulates your metabolism quicker and thus curbs your appetite levels over a period
  • Unlike other products Ripped Freak has one unique ingredient in it rather than 5-6 ingredients for helping out obesity
  • The site claims that a single capsule packs the effect of 3-4 capsules – Meaning results can be had in one single capsule.

Ripped Freak Ingredients

The supplement facts of Ripped Freak majorly boast of Caffeine and Green Tea extracts. It also has olive leaf extracts and the special ingredient – CH-19 Sweet Red Pepper Extract, which Ripped Freak claims has not been used by other fat burners in the market.

How Does Ripped Freak Work?

The recommended dosage as per the site urges us to take one capsule in the morning on an empty stomach. There can also be an optional second intake if needed but after due consultation with the doctor. It is never to be had before sleep, as it contains high levels of caffeine and should be taken at least 6 hours before hitting the bed.

Ripped Freak Pros

  • Green tea extracts and sweet red pepper can act as a great detox for your body thus stimulating the metabolism
  • Burns fat and can curb your appetite.

Ripped Freak Cons

  • The high caffeine content in it can increase the chances of heartburn.
  • Caffeine also leads to sleeplessness and irritability
  • It may cause nervousness as one of its side effects.
  • It is expensive due to the hybrid quality of the capsules

Ripped Freak Results

Overall, the side effects are far too great to ignore and even though the product works on your fat burning issues, the side effects that you may get is certainly a dampener.

Where to buy Ripped Freak?

Ripped Freak has partnered with major fitness brands and supplement stores. In case of nonavailability, you can opt to buy it from their online retailers.

Is Ripped Freak a Scam?

While Ripped Freak certainly works on your weight management, the side effects and the dubious efficiency of the product does not make it for the top contender slot. It is just a product that claims more than it actually does.

Ripped Freak Side Effects

A limited amount of caffeine is great for health. But Ripped freak boasts of almost three 8-ounce cups of caffeine in one single capsule. This is a strict “NO” for your health in the long run. Too much caffeine content in your body can cause nervousness and even heart burns. Also, having the more than recommended 2 capsules per day may cause serious side effects.

Final Verdict

Ripped Freak’s cons weigh far more than the pros. The side effects you might experience and the ingredients used in the product should very well make you stay away from it.

Based on the over-all inputs, the product is not recommended. Go for it only at your own risk.

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