Regenere Review: Scam, Side Effects, Ingredients, Does it Work?


Regenere Reviewsregenere-facelift-complex-cream-review

For most women, all nightmares can be summarized in one word: Wrinkles. Although it is a given fact that all will eventually age it is not also restricted to delay it a bit, and the solution can be as complicated and pricey as Botox or facelift or as simple as using an anti-ageing cream. Regenere is one of the products that is making a name in the market today. However, instead of being commended a lot of those who have used the said product were expressing their dismay.

What is Regenere?

Is an anti-aging cream that promises to increase the skin’s collagen production and even eliminates existing fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles.

Who is the manufacturer of the Regenere?

A good question. One of the reasons why most are hesitant to purchase this is because the manufacturers have no known information aside from its return address. Evidently, it is a risky move to purchase this and have blind faith that it might actually work.

What is Regenere made of?

The information about its ingredients are also quite limited. However, they mentioned two of the main ingredients which are Propriety biospheres and QuSome delivery. The former is a special type of wheat protein that reduces the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. Further, the latter enhances the ability of skin absorption claiming that this technology will bring faster results.

How to use Regenere?

The directions for use are quite simple. Just like the usual routine, user must wash face with cleanser then pat it dry. Apply the Regenere cream all over the face and up to the neck. A little massage is suggested for proper distribution and it claims to work better if used twice daily.

What are the Regenere Pros?

  • There is a free trial available online;
  • It claims to be a very effective product;
  • It uses all natural ingredients;
  • It uses a more advanced formulation versus other products.

What are the Regenere Cons?

  • It is EXPENSIVE for a product with minimal information about its origin and formulation;
  • No clinical testing proof;
  • Has received too many complaints about its shipment process;
  • The effectiveness and safety are in question.

Regenere Results

The manufacturer claims that after 8 weeks of using the product it will already reduce wrinkles by 80%, will boost the production of collagen by up to 95% and lightens dark circles by around 70%.

Where to buy Regenere?

The information about the main manufacturer is undisclosed, thus this product is widely sold in the online market.

Is Regenere a scam?

Honestly, it can definitely qualify as one. Because of the lack of information on the manufacturer and the product itself, it’s not trustworthy. There are also some complaints on the irregularities of shipment and the promises are too good to be true.

Regenere Side Effects

There are no certain side effects. Although the formulation is not into a “no-tear” formula. Therefore, users should always be careful to get this product into the eyes.

Final Verdict

One should make safety as the first priority. Always. Even if a product promises to eliminate the problems that most people would want to get rid of, it is still best to do some research on the legitimacy of it. Hearsays do count, but not much reliable.