Ramulast Review {WARNINGS}: Scam, Side Effects, Does it Work?


Ramulast Review Ramulast

Recently released for the public to buy and use, Ramulast is basically a male enhancement formula product. It is claimed by the company to be the best you can have today. However, we on the other hand seem to be of different opinion. I don’t trust anything the company has told us and I’m going to tell you the reason why that is case.

Company behind

It is currently marketed and sold by an online company. They operate in a ghostlike manner and as we talk, we don’t know where they are operating from.  That is not even all; no one also knows what their official name really is.

Ramulast claims
  • Surge in sex drive and energy levels
  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Enhanced performance
  • Better and stronger erections
  • Enhanced endurance


Although I really can’t tell how true this is, we have been told to expect the following ingredients from this formula: L-Arginine, Saw Palmetto Berry, Gingko Bilopa, Muira Puama, Asian Red Ginger and Horney Weed extracts.

How does Ramulast work?

This formula is claimed to boost circulation of blood in the body. This will see every part of your body; especially down there get adequate supply of blood. This is said to help you achieve and maintain an erection with so much ease. Additionally, some of the ingredients are said to make you feeling energized, thus allowing you to engage in those length steamy sexual encounters.

Ramulast Pros

  • Naturally formulated
  • Readily available

Ramulast Cons

  • Results said to vary from one users to another
  • Side effects
  • Some with one health complication should not use it
  • You need to stop drinking
  • Claims seem cooked

Ramulast Results

Truth just be told; although we have been told results tend to vary from one person to another, one thing I know for sure is that the product doesn’t work at al. So if you are buying it thinking you are going to net all those awesome results, you are going to be really disappointed.

Where to buy Ramulast?

This product’s purchase is limited to the internet. Not just anywhere, but the company’s official website.

Is Ramulast a scam?

If All I know about this product is anything to go by, I have every reason to think it is scam. First, we know nothing about the company behind it. Second, a quick scan through the official website tells you nothing about if the company has been sanctioned to make and distribute this male product.

Ramulast Side effects

If there is another thing that could see you quit the product after few days, it has to be side effects. Some of them are not fun at all and could see you not being able to even do anything. In fact,  I would advise someone with heart hearts not to even think about trying the product. It could be life threatening.


Bottom line; don’t let all that the manufacture has said lure you into putting your money on this very useless male formula. It will waste you big time. So instead of risking your health for such a useless product, why don’t you just seek help from a qualified doctor. That is the only way you can get out the problem with much complications. 

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