Provitra Review {WARNINGS}: Scam, Side Effects, Does it Work?


Provitra Review Provitra

Are you seriously thinking about using Provitra? You have been struggling in bed for months and you just want to get over it. Well, thinking about doing something about it is not such a bad idea, but turning to the male formula, Provitra,  could be one big mistake and I’m going to tell you all about.

Company behind

The people behind this product are exclusively online. From their operations to where you can buy this formula, everything about them is done strictly on the internet. I suspect they even don’t have any physical offices where you can visit.

Provitra claims
  • Boosts your performance
  • You enjoy strong and long lasting erections
  • Mind blowing orgasm
  • Boosts levels of testosterone in the body


Although it is smtig yet t be confirmed, the company has given us a list of ingredunst we should expect from this prodiuct. Some of them are well known planst and hersn whih hae been sued since the ancient times to treat a number of  sexual  ailemnst affectedin men, Some of these include Tongkat Al, Nettle  extra and wild yam extract among others.

How does Provitra work?

This product is said to work on your testosterone levels in the body. It ensures the right levels are normalized by making the body to produce  more of it. Because of that, you become sexually active.  Blood circulation in the body will also be enhanced.

Provitra Pros

  • Naturally formulated
  • It may help you improve your performance

Provitra Cons

  • Only used by adults
  • Not sold in drug stores
  • Claims seem exaggerated
  • Some serious side effects
  • You cannot use it with other medications

Provitra Results

I’ m not going t beat around the bush when it comes to what to expect from this formula; So you know this formula is not going to help you as a man because it doesn’t guarantee you any credible results.

Where to buy Provitra?

This product is only sold online. You won’t see in stores and pharmacies. That alone makes this product quite inaccessible. Besides, I really don’t know how long it takes for the shipment to arrive once you place your order.

Is Provitra a scam?

Yes it is scam and I have some solid reason why I think so. First, a quick scan through the company’s official website gives you very little information about the manufacturer. We are not even sure if they have been sanctioned to make and distribute this product.

Provitra Side effects

If all I have heard from past users is anything to go by, I would advise you to keep off this formula. It is not as safe as they would want us to believe. Some people have reported some serious side effects and I can tell you some of them are no fun.


Bottom line; It doesn’t matter what you are going through; there is no way Provitra is going to help you build your game in the bedroom.

So instead of destroying your body with some dangerous chemicals and additives found in this product, why don’t you see a doctor today? He could advise you on what you can do.

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