Prostavec Review: Scam, Ingredients, Side Effects, Is it a Scam?


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The most common type of cancer that kills most American men to date is skin cancer; and second on the line is prostate cancer. Based on the 2016 data of the American Cancer Society, the new cases are already about 180,000 and the reported death toll has already reached approximately 26,000. This has made a way for the introduction of Provastec in the market. A supplement which promises to improve prostrate health and therefore reduce risk of acquiring prostate related diseases.

Company Behind Prostavec

The said product is manufactured by Rejuvica Health and is currently endorsed through their website as well. Promoting that it is a natural product that guarantees 100% effectiveness upon use.

Prostavec Claims

Provastec is said to be effective in addressing the following irregularities:

  • It improves prostate health;
  • It minimizes the frequent urination;
  • It can regulate and/or normalize urine flow;
  • It improves sexual performance;
  • It can shrink enlarged prostate;

What is Prostavec Supplement made of?

It is good that the website of Rejuvica Health™ is very transparent as per the ingredients contained in Provastec. It has also stated what the functions are of each ingredient to its overall formulation. The Saw Palmetto, for urinary track improvement; the Stinging Nettle Leaf, for eliminating excess estrogen and balancing of hormones; andPygeum for controlling the growth of prostate cells beyond normal levels.

How does Prostavec Work?

Unlike other supplements Provastec is in a liquid form, therefore it goes straight to the body. It is easily absorbed by the system and therefore the effect is faster and more direct. The bottle contains 2 oz. and for that amount it is already good to consume for 24 days.

What are the Pros of using Prostavec?

  • There are no known harmful side effects;
  • The ingredients are organic or mostly from plants and its extracts
  • If purchased online, a 24/7 customer support is available
  • If purchased online, discounts and a 30-day buyer protection agreement are provided
  • Liquid formulation is said to me more effective and have significantly faster results

What are the Cons of using Prostavec?

  • Although it is dominantly made of organic ingredients, the test for ingredient combination and its possible chemical reactions are not stated;
  • There is no enough proof of it being the top product in the market; and
  • There is no FDA approval, which is a crucial thing.

Prostavec Results

Provastec can be used as a daily supplement. However, significant results can vary depending on the severity of complications caused by poor state of prostate health. Thus, can still be use as a preventive measure to avoid prostate related diseases.

Where to Buy Prostavec?

These are widely sold online, Rejuvica Health™ is one of the well-known carrier of the product.

Is Prostavec a Scam?

Definitely not. As a matter of fact a lot of variations of this product are now available in the market.

Final Verdict

Provastec is a highly recognized product despite hesitations because of the lack of proof for its effectivity. Further, its offer is also promising and receive quite a positive reception from men facing the ordeals of prostate diseases.