Promescent Review {WARNINGS}: Scam, Side Effects, Does it Work?


Promescent Review Promescent

With millions of men now battling with premature ejaculation, that alone has seen a very sharp increase in the number of products to help them manage that. One such product is this spray called Promescent.

It comes with all those big promises and the question people have been asking is if this product is worthy of their money. I’m going to tell you the dark secrets of this particular penis spray.

Company behind

A California based Urologist called Dr. Ronal Gilbert is the man behind this spray. It is then marketed by a company called Absorption Pharmaceuticals LLC. It is a pretty new company and I wouldn’t even put my little trust on them.  Plus, the fact that it has not been approved by FDA raises a lot of question, as well.

Promescent claims
  • Helps you treat premature ejaculation
  • It is 100 percent safe
  • It is FDA approved


According to the manufacturer; users should expect to net the powerful effects of the following ingredients; Lidocaine, Farnesol, Citric Acid, Dimethicone and Acrylates.

How does Promescent work?

When it comes to how it works, we are told this product can be sprayed directly on your penis. This should be done 10 or so minutes before you have sex with your partner. It is claimed to be absorbed directly into your penile skin, leading to reduction of any sensitivity.

That will eventually allow you enjoy great sex without having to worry about premature ejaculations.

Promescent Pros

  • Shipping takes short period of time
  • Absorbed quickly

Promescent Cons

  • Noticeable strong smell
  • Not FDA approved
  • May cause penis numbness
  • Not very safe

Promescent Results

I know you have heard all that talk about how effective this spray is; there is very little truth to that. This product doesn’t reduce any sensitivity. It short, there s no way you are going to net any credible results from this spray.

Where to buy Promescent?

If you are wondering where you can buy this product; it is currently unavailable in stores and pharmacies. You can however order it direct form the company main website.

Is Promescent a scam?

The fact that this product has crossed wrong paths in the past few months makes me think we are dealing with some sort of scam product. It has been on the FDA’s radar and it would be foolish of anyone to endorse this product.

Promescent Side effects

That one promise that this spray is safe is a total lie; I have spoken to a number of men who have tried it before and practically all of them are not happy about how this product made them feel. This product can cause some serious penis numbness.

In fact, it can get really seriously that you will not be able to do anything with it again.


Bottom line; it doesn’t matter how you desperately want to manage that premature ejaculation, there is no way Promescent is going to help you as a man. I would advise you to seek medical help instead of wasting your cash on this spray.

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