Priamax Review: Ingredients, Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam


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Priamax is a sexual function enhancement supplement that is taken orally. The product is made for men who are experiencing the symptoms of impotence or sexual dysfunction, for instance, weak erection, early ejaculation and inability to sustain erections. The manufacturer claims that the product helps to increase testosterone levels of the body, the hormone responsible for sexual function.

Company Behind Priamax and Claims

The company behind Priamax is currently unknown. The manufacturer of this product however claims that the supplement improves the libido, energizes the body and sustains an erection long enough to have sex. The manufacturer claims that the supplement takes effect immediately it is ingested orally. According to claims made by the manufacturer, an increase in testosterone levels of the body will simultaneously raise the desire of a man to have sex.

Priamax Ingredients

According to the manufacturer, the ingredients used for the product includes Tongkat Ali which is known as a herbal Viagra. If truly used in the product, Tongkat Ali has the capacity to increase the libido and also increase sexual desire. Another ingredient the Manufacturer claims was used in making the product is Nettle Extract.Ordinarily, Nettle Extract has a lot of benefits for the male reproductive system, it can help cure prostrate problems and improve the sexual performance of a man. The only issue here is that there is no way to prove if the ingredient was actually used in making Priamax. The manufacturer of Priamax also claims that orchid boron sarsaparilla root was used in making the product. Ordinarily, Boron is a mineral that increases testosterone production. The only issue with this claim is that it has not been verified if the manufacturer really used the ingredient.

How does Priamax Work?

According to the manufacturer, the product works by increasing the testosterone production of the body which will in turn enhance the male sexual organ to have better intercourse by producing strong and lasting erections including the desire to have sex.

Advantages of Primax:

1. The product makes use of boron, a strong ingredient that stimulates the body to produce testosterone.
2. The product is easy to use.

Disadvantages of Primax:

1. The product does not contain zinc, an essential trace mineral in testosterone production.
2. The product lacks other essential ingredients that can boost the male libido like, Icarin.

Priamax Result

According to the manufacturer, the product is clinically proven to work, produce lasting erections as well as improve stamina and increase sexual desire. This is however an unverified claim.

Where to buy Priamax?

The product can be bought from official website.

Is Priamax a scam?

Yes, Priamax is definitely a scam. I cannot trust this product because all claims are made by the manufacturer and no one else. The product manufacturer’s identity is equally hidden. The product has not undergone any government approved or sanctioned clinical tests. To make the trustworthiness of this product worse, it is not marketed by any reliable pharmaceutical or nutrition company. Considering the circumstances surrounding this product, I believe it is a scam.

Priamax Side Effects

If the ingredients used in this products are true as claimed, then the product can possibly heighten blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

Final Verdict

Priamax as a product cannot be trusted. As a product with an unidentifiable manufacturer, using this product can be tantamount to taking poison. There is no hint as regards the name of the manufacturer or address. Priamax has not been endorsed by any pharmaceutical or nutrition company neither is it approved by any government agency for consumption. My verdict is that the product is useless and will not have any effect if taken.

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