Piano for All Review {SHOCKING}: Free Download, Does it Work?


Piano for All Review

What is Piano for all?

Piano for all is a computer based course that allows absolutely anybody to learn the piano.

It is a computer program that combines a mixture eBooks with audio and video lessons to allow the learner to progress at as quick a pace as they want to.

Piano for all is aimed at total beginners who have never played before as well as those who have had some experience playing the piano but want to develop their skills further. DOWNLOAD NOW!

How does it work?

Piano for all works by providing the learner with 10 eBooks and hundreds of videos to watch as well as audio files to listen to. The course begins with a basic overview of how to play the piano before allowing the learner to progress on to simple chords and rhythms.

As the learner moves through the books and videos they should be able to manage increasingly complex tunes and chords. DOWNLOAD NOW!

Piano for All Pros

  • Piano for all avoids the long term costs involved with taking piano lessons with a tutor
  • The lessons on the course are interactive and they fairly easy to use and follow
  • Support is easily available from the course writer Robin Hall, via email if its needed
  • You can complete the lessons at your own speed, whenever you want to, spending as much or as little time as you want on them.

Piano for All Cons

  • The video quality isn’t the best.
  • There are a couple of video links that don’t work at all
  • Piano for all will take up a massive 0.5 GB of space on your computer and people with slow internet might find it hard to download it all at once.

Is Piano for All a scam?

There are a lot of positive reviews out there about Piano for all from people who have all managed to learn the piano through it so it definitely isn’t a scam. Plenty of people have written about how the course has got them playing. DOWNLOAD NOW!

Final Verdict

Overall, Piano for all is a great resource for anybody wanting to learn to play the piano at their own pace, especially those on a restricted budget who can’t afford to pay out for traditional lessons.

It’s easy to use and the interactive style of the lessons mean that you wont get bored whilst learning. If you are looking for an affordable way to learn how to play then Piano for all is the way to go. DOWNLOAD NOW!