P Var Review: Scam, Side Effects, Benefits, Does it Work?


P Var Reviews

P var is a supplement formulated with the goal of assisting regular exercises practitioners to lose body fat, and who also follow a proper diet. P var is indicated for users of both sexes and promises to make the weight loss process easier.

Company Behind P Var

US-based Crazy Bulk is responsible for the formulation and manufacture of P var supplements, as well as other anabolic steroid based supplements, but totally legal and promising results.

P Var Claims

– Reducing body fat by making the body burn more calories;- Preserves lean mass, as it making the muscles denser;- Increases strength during exercises;- Does not interfere with the natural production of hormones;

P Var Ingredients

Clentrimix (CLENN): In the formulation of P var, it’s the ingredient responsible for ensuring the maintenance of lean mass.Winsitrol: (WINNI): Provides energy for performing exercises through of burning of body fat.T-Bal75: Another active ingredient on P var the increases the strength during the exercise.

How does P Var Work?

P var promises a burning of body fat while maintaining a lean mass intact, in addition to energy and increased strength, being ideal for both men and women. However, there is no study that proves its efficacy, and its effects can be obtained with a proper diet and practice of exercises regularly.

P Var Pros

– The product is legal and safe, there are no reports of people who have suffered from side effects;- You do not need a prescription to buy P var, and no need the use of injections;- The product is not toxic to the kidneys or liver.

P Var Cons

– There are no studies proving its effectiveness;- All the benefits are promised by using a true turn of a well-planned diet and a regular exercise practice, along with proper rest;- The product is expensive, and does not bring results;- Not recommended for people under 18 years of age.

P Var Results

However, its promise that results were satisfactory within a month, but the only result is seen is a well-made diet and a regular exercise practice.

Where to buy P Var?

The supplement P var can be found in supplement stores because it is totally legal, and principally on Crazy Bulk’s website.

Is P Var a Scam?

This is a supplement that can be seen as a scam, because there is a very strong marketing behind P var, which promises results that have not been proven, and that can be achieved with a well-elaborated diet and exercise practice.

P Var Side Effects

Apparently, there are no side effects, there are no reports of any user on this subject, but it is important not to exceed a dosage recommended by the manufacturer, as well as consult a doctor before taking the supplement.

Final Verdict

P var is not a good supplement choice, it is a waste of money. There are supplements that really work and bring these benefits promise by P var, and these supplements are not the ones that have a marketing ploy promising miraculous results in a short period of time, but a good diet and an exercise practice are enough.anavrol