Nutrend N1 Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Results

Nutrend N1 ReviewNutrend N1

Nutrend N1 is a health and nutrition product that claims to provide a boost in your energy levels before a workout. It supposedly boosts strength and performance of an athlete beyond their normal limits.

Nutrend N1 contains ingredients only approved by the European legislation.

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Company behind Nutrend N1

Nutrend has been in existence for 24 years and is based the Czech Republic. Although they export to over 60 countries worldwide, research of new products has been locally based on a niche demographic.

Nutrend N1 Claims
  • Optimal performance and endurance during work out for all athletes
  • Guaranteed bulking up of the muscles
  • Source of energy and strength during any physical activity
  • Guaranteed energy to boost you throughout a physical sport activity
  • Stimulates and prepares the athlete’s body before hitting the gym
Nutrend N1 Ingredients

Nutrend N1 is available in 3 flavors: Grapefruit, Red Orange, and Blackcurrant. Apart from the different flavoring, the basic ingredients are; creatine monohydrate and citrate, sodium citrate, calcium phosphate, inulin, beta-alanine, caffeine, beetroot concentrate and spirulina extract, nicotinamide, L dimethylaminoethanol bitartrate, sweeteners, Bioperine, pyridoxine hydrochloride, traces of soy and milk protein, L citrulline malate and thiamine hydrochloride

How does Nutrend N1 Work?

The recommended intake is 30 minutes before a workout or training for maximum effect. The product is meant to increase the athlete’s strength and ensure that they complete any workout by improving their endurance.

However, after intake, there is usually swelling of the lips caused by an ingredient in the product, Bioperine, which is a black pepper extract.

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Nutrend N1 Pros

  • Spikes the energy levels of an athlete when taken specifically 30 minutes before a training session
  • Improves the endurance for athletes during training
  • Increased chances of muscle build-up/gain for athletes during training
  • Sharpens the focus of an athlete and concentration thus improving his or her general performance.

Nutrend N1 Cons

  • Lips swelling on consumption indicating a substance rejected by the body
  • Not a natural product, therefore, contains harmful ingredients that in the long run may be toxic.
  • Not enough research and data underlying the effects of long-term use and effects on other athletes, perhaps outside the European countries

Nutrend N1 Results

Although there are numerous claims suggesting Nutrend N1 provides optimal overall performance for athletes, not much evidence supporting this is available.

Where to buy Nutrend N1?

Nutrend N1 has been distributed to over 60 countries worldwide and is available in several physical locations, especially in European countries, specifically targeting athletes.

Nutrend N1 can also be purchased online through the Nutrend company website and an online goods store called Bodybuilding and Fitness.

Is Nutrend N1 a Scam?

Nutrend has been in existence in the industry for over 24 years and some research has gone into the development of the product.

However, it is possible that inadequate research and market testing has been done to support guaranteed results for all athletes in all markets. More bodies approving the product would be involved.

Nutrend N1 Side effects

Swelling of the lips may be experienced, due to the black pepper extract. One of the ingredients contained in the product is caffeine, which is often associated with addiction.

Therefore, though not mentioned in other sources, addiction is a possible side effect with consistent consumption as a long-term effect.

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Final Verdict

There are fewer studies that have been conducted about the product as well as reviews by users, therefore it is uncertain to conclude whether the product is suitable or not.

Nutrend N1 also contains a lot of superficial products that add to the toxins in your body, after prolonged use it may lead to more health complications than positive.

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