Newopure Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, Scam, Does it Work?


Newopure ReviewsNewopure reviews

Whether or not people talk openly about them, hair growth products have been seeing a massive boost in sales lately.Newopure is one such product in the wide array. Being an all-natural and herbal-material-based product, it has grabbed eyeballs since its roll-out. But is it worth the financial and emotional investment?

Company behind Newopure

It is a product of the Pure Results Nutrition, a brand mainly producing natural supplements for multi-vitamins, probiotics, weight loss and more. All of the brand’s products are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certified and are made in an FDA approved facility. Newopure is the brand’s advent into the hair growth sector.

Newopure Claims

  • Newopure contains over 25 essential vitamins and nutrients and helps the body naturally restart hair growth.
  • It targets at people suffering from receding hairline, pattern baldness, hormonal hair loss, and other such conditions.
  • It is useful to prevent further damage for sufferers and also thickens hair naturally.
  • It works effectively for all hair types in both, men and women.

Newopure Ingredients

Newopure, unlike other chemical-based products works on the basic principle of nourishing the scalp and support follicular improvement, using the technology based on hydrolyzed keratin. The main and highlighted ingredients are-Grape Seed, Amla Fruit, and Goji Berry (Hair growth promoters)
Keratin and Collagen (Fight pattern baldness)
Biotin, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, and VitaminB6 (Improve follicular quality)

How does Newopure Work?

The description speaks of the cutting-edge technology used. It makes uses of broad-spectrum DHT blockers and is essentially free of chemicals and preservatives. It’s all-natural and non-synthetic properties are being pushed up as the USP. It works on the cellular level, working deep in the scalp and increasing keratin production. This improves the hair follicles’ quality and fights damage.

Newopure Pros

  • The biggest advantage is that it cannot have drastic side-effects being natural.
  • It replenishes the scalp regardless of hair growth.
  • It has been successful particularly with pattern baldness.

Newopure Cons

  • It sells for a much higher price than other similar products in the market.
  • Most people haven’t seen significant hair growth post a certain level.
  • The odor of the tablets has been criticized by buyers for being very pungent.
  • Claimed to be ineffective by menopausal women.

Newopure Results

Few customers have praised the product for the results they have witnessed, mainly the thickening of hair, regain of the receding hairline and it’s effectiveness with pattern baldness. But also, most buyers have ascertained that the growth is not significant after the initial usage.

Where to buy Newopure?

Newopure can be bought online via Amazon. The bottle containing 60 capsules, lasting about a month, is available for for $37.97.

Is Newopure a Scam?

With so many products claiming the likes of Newopure, it is definitely not one of the worst products as there are reviews that deem it as a good product. But it is also definitely not record-breaking. The reviews have, although, been on the negative side.

Newopure Side Effect

There have been reports of gut related problems.

Final Verdict

All in all, the product has it’s share of pros and cons. Considering the overall reviews, it’s credibility is uncertain and it is better to wait for a longer period for better reviews, or it could even be given a miss.