Muzmatch Review: Is it a Scam? Muzmatch Dating App Review, Shocking Facts


MuzmatchMuzmatch Reviews

Muzmatch is a dating app specially designed for single Muslims, who are seeking Muslim partner around the globe. All it does is to show its members to fellow single Muslims who are nearby. The member then responds by liking the profile and if the person likes back, that’s a match.

This app, Muzmatch has been running for the last six years and 169 days. It was established in the year 2011, by an entrepreneurial investment banker based in UK. And registered with the name EUKHOST LTD. The same name serves as the organization. It operates from United Kingdom.

The app though, is open in all countries and to Muslims all over the world. Its main target is especially Muslims in UK, US and the rest part of Europe

Muzmatch Promises

Muzmatch promises its users,

  • A quick match with a single Muslim nearby
  • Privacy of personal profile and photo
  • A chaperon support for both the men and women

How does Muzmatch Work?

After registration, using it requires less effort. They say you will be able to see other members. All you need to do is brows and identify a perfect match that suits your interest, then tap like or you can pass. The person of interest would see your interest and if interested in you too, they will like back. And that’s a complete match Probably the absence of support and services is because of its simplicity and ease of use. Apart from the customer care, they also promise a chaperon support, for both the men and women. It also got a quick search toll which enables filtering for easy search by gender, age and location.

Muzmatch Number of Members

Its quality would be measured by how many members they have attracted up to date, but so far since 2011 they only boast of 6, 000 and over which is not really a huge number. Six years and some days of operation ought to have attracted a larger number than that.

Muzmatch Quality of Profiles

The quality of the profiles present in the app, especially the active ones, can be doubted but due to the cost fee, it cannot attract those of average lifestyle, since lacks quite a number of features, those with quality profiles might shy away from it.

Muzmatch Safety & Privacy

In terms of safety and privacy of its members, it does give room for reporting any misconduct, but one cannot be sure on how reliable this can be. Members are also promised of privacy by making their photos blurred

Muzmatch Pricing (Membership)

Registration is free, but afterward, for one to show seriousness, you are asked to pay a fee. The fee though is not monthly, it is pay as you go and expensive as compared to other dating apps.

Muzmatch Registration

The registration process for one to become a member is simple and easy, first install the app, either from app store or google play. Then proceed by filling personal details to sign up by following the instruction on the screen.

Muzmatch Customer Service

Their customer service is easy to access, they have frequently asked question section but in case of any problem they recommend you contact their customer care, you can do this live, on social media or through their email address. The quickest way to get their response would be through a live chat but sometimes the customer service might just be offline

Muzmatch Pros

Advantages of Muzmatch

The good thing about Muzmatch app is that

  • Able to connect, specifically single Muslims all over the world
  • It is less complicated therefore easy to use enabling members to take short time in matching
  • The service fee is on pay as you go’ basis and not monthly subscription

Muzmatch Cons

Muzmatch Disadvantages

  • The app is expensive and blocks out those who are financially down
  • Since it restricts religion, it blocks out non-Muslim

Is Muzmatch a Scam?

The app, since is only for Muslims wouldn’t compete so well among other dating apps since today is a free world and we should not be viewed in terms of our religion According to is 100 percent safe to use, its high rating score means it is not a scam, it is legit and has been running for six years and 169 days. The fact that it has an updated version on app store and iOS means it is genuine.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, in as much as this Muzmatch could be genuine and registered, going for it would not be the best idea. One can try other successful apps in either iOS or app store. For Muzmatch still has a number of issues to fix, based on the review it has, it is still below average. And not worth a waste of time.