Review: Is it a Scam? Dating Site Review, Shocking FACTS

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If you are single and have been searching for a partner, I am sure that you might have come across the site Kismia is a site that claims to provide a platform where people can meet and fall in love. The site claims to use the latest technology in finding ones best match.

There is minimal information on when the site was established and who or what company was behind its development. This is a clear indicator that the site is not legit as such critical information should always be displayed to the general public for accountability purposes.

Since the platform commonly uses English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian, there is no doubt that the targeted countries include: France, Portugal, Spain, USA, and Russia.
Despite not being true, the site provides many promises to its prospective customers. Promises

Some of the promises include:

  • You will access unlimited chats
  • You will get your perfect match in the shortest time possible
  • The site provides a user-friendly interface
  • There will be a 24/7 customer care service offered to all the users.

How Work? is claimed to work in a very simple manner. First of all, prospective members have to sign up via the website. While registering, you will have to choose the language that you are comfortable with. You will also have to put your gender and a brief description of the partner you are looking for. When choosing a partner, you can select from all verified profiles or follow a match by specific criteria. Here you will choose the county, city, and age of the person you are looking for. Services & Support

The site also claims to provide enough support and services to its customers, but extensive research indicates that this is not true. They claim to offer personal support to new users in terms of registration and any other sector. They also claim to offer advice and on how to get a perfect match. They also solve issues related to membership upgrades. Number of Members

The site does not provide clear digits of the total number of members. They only claim to have a numerous number of both men and women who are in search of partners. This is a clear indicator of disorganization and lack of seriousness. Signup Process provides a safe registration and login procedure which caters for the safety and security of the users. Once you create your account, no one can log in unless they have your login details. Cost

There are two subscription plans for the members. These are VIP and Premium. The amount paid per subscription is not specified. The amounts paid per subscription will be identified immediately you register with them. This is a trick to have you get an account with them.
The registration process takes less than 20 minutes. All you have to do is visit their site, click on registration so as to be a member of the dating base. After doing that, choose your gender and the kind of partner you are looking for. Finally, leave your email and create a password for your account. A link will be sent to your email, this link will give you further direction on the sign-up process.

How is Customer Service?

Talking about customer service, it has been found out that their services are always unavailable or too slow. Whenever you are faced with a problem that needs an urgent solution, the customer care agents will take much time or will not respond to your issue at all.

The developers of the site claim that it has some advantages to its users. Pros

Some of the claimed advantages include:

  • Easy and graspable user interface
  • You will be able to meet your perfect match in a short time
  • Easy signing up process

This site has so many disadvantages. I, therefore, advise you not to join it. Some of the disadvantages/cons include: Cons

  • It will waste your time as you will not get what you want
  • You will waste your money upgrading your account
  • No customer care services offered
  • Information found on the site is not genuine and legit, it is basically meant to attract people.

Is a Scam? is generally a scam!! First of all, the site has minimal or rather no information concerning their developers or the company behind its existence. It claims that you will find a partner at the shortest time possible, but this is not true, you will leave the site as single as you joined it!! Final Verdict

Finally, if you had been planning to join this site, please don’t. It will only waste your time, money and efforts. The developers put it in place for their own financial gain. Avoid it at all cost!!