Jack Hammer XL Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, Is it a Scam?


Jack Hammer XL Reviewjack-hammer-xl-review

Jack Hammer XL: Is it Real or Just Another Scam?

Jack Hammer XL is a recently introduced body building supplement that is also intended to work to fix erectile dysfunction. Did this product finally find the right mixture of chemicals to magical get us healthier or is it just another scam?

Jack Hammer XL Company Behind

Jack Hammer XL is made at GNP labs. The company is known for making similar muscle enhancers as well as magic weight loss supplements.

Jack Hammer XL Claims:

  • Manages weight by reducing unwanted fat and promoting muscle growth.
  • Regulates metabolism and enthusiasm and is supposed to reduce fatigue and laziness.
  • Regulates hormones by boosting the production of testosterone.
  • Intensifies sex life by increasing blood flow.

Jack Hammer XL Ingredients

  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride – improves blood flow allowing the penis to reach its full size
  • Asian Red Ginseng Extract – reduces stress, improves mood and promotes relaxation
  • Horny Goat Weed Extract – acts as a natural aphrodisiac
  • Saw Palmetto – used for centuries to treat impotency and increase sex drive and sexual performance

How Jack Hammer XL Work?

So just how does Jack Hammer XL work? Some of the ingredients in this product have been used for centuries to help men who could not perform in the bed room, and these ingredients are thought to improve blood flow allowing for better performance. Some of the other ingredients are designed to increase testosterone levels and allow for better muscle building.

Jack Hammer XL Pros

  • L-Arginine has been scientifically proven to help increase testosterone and to help build muscles when combined with a regular work out schedule.
  • The placebo effect of thinking that it will help may temporarily improve your sex drive.

Jack Hammer XL Cons

  • Most of the ingredients have not been properly tested for results.
  • Increased testosterone also increases anger and hostility.
  • Possibility of numerous side effects.

Jack Hammer XL Side Effects

While this product, if combined with a good workout routine, may help you gain muscles, there is no scientific research supporting the products other claims. The company also claims there are no side effects with this product. However, there has been research proving that Asian ginseng can cause numerous side effects including high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, euphoria, vomiting, and nose bleeds. Researchers also warn that Asian ginseng should not be taken on a continuous basis.

Where to Buy Jack Hammer XL?

As of right now, Jack Hammer XL can only be purchased at the official web site.

Is Jack Hammer XL a Scam?

So is this product a scam? The fact that the product is only available from the company’s website makes it look as though nobody is willing to take a chance on the product. It is also suspicious that the company claims the product has no side effects but further digging shows that there are many possible side effects from its ingredients.

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