Review: Is it a Scam? Dating Review, Shocking Facts

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Do you know that not all dating sites that can help you to connect with your soul mate in Asia? There are so many dating websites that claim to help people find their companions. But do these sites really work?

This article will offer all the details to show that iDate Asia cannot help you in any way to get your soul mate. This dating site was started in 2004 by the QPid network company. Its main was to help Asian women connect with the Western men. It targets many countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, and Philippines.


The dating site promises its users several benefits that include the follow; Allows people to meet safely and conveniently You can browse over 4000 profiles of Asian ladies It helps you to get a lady that matches your personality It promotes cross-cultural relationships between its members.

How does Work?

The site provides a tool that men can use to meet women all over the world. All men are required to do is to register and then start browsing profiles of women with an aim of choosing one that meets his requirements. After choosing you need to engage the woman in a chat within the site until you make all your first date arrangements. Quality of Profiles

Within iDate site Since the photos posted on various profiles are done by agencies and not the real women, then this gives a room to much of photoshop to be done to please clients. So ,the pictures of the various profiles differ a lot with pictures on the real life. Safety & Privacy

There is guaranteed safety for the information that is shared on this site as compared to other dating websites. Pricing (Membership)

The iDate Asia is a paid dating site, meaning that for you to become a member you have to part with some amount of money. The fees charged are always indicated on the form used for registration and you need to agree to pay this money to enjoy the services of the site.

VISIT THE WEBSITE NOW!! Registration Process

The process of registering to this site is so simple and fast. All you need to do is to fill out your personal details and what you are searching for and your preferred match. Customer Service

From my personal experience using the site, I can say that the site has very poor customer service as they do not follow how their clients are faring after the first hook up. Pros

  • It is user friendly making non-members to be interested joining it.
  • Offers Live Chat facilities to some members
  • Members enjoy the privilege of calling their partners. Cons

  • It is not possible to verify information given by members
  • It is expensive in the long run
  • You can lose money trying to please your partner

Is a Scam?

From my experience, I can confidently attest that iDate Asia is a not a Scam since it offer all the services it promises on its adverts. VISIT THE WEBSITE NOW!!

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a good dating site to help you in getting a partner, then choose the iDate Asia website. VISIT THE WEBSITE NOW!!