Hydralie Ageless Moisturizer Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, Scam, Does it Work?


Hydralie Ageless Moisturizer ReviewsHydralie Ageless Moisturizer reviews

The Hydralie Ageless Moisturizer is a skin care product that has been designed to get rid of skin aging symptoms by making the skin look younger, smooth and well hydrated. It aims at removing skin defects such as acnes, deep set creases, wrinkles and prominent laugh lines on the eyes region.


Company Behind Hydralie Ageless Moisturizer

This is a product of a US based company called TopHealth Beauty. Although this company has subsidiaries in Canada, the manufacturing of the Hydralie Ageless Moisturizer is only taking place in the US as of now.

Hydralie Ageless Moisturizer Claims

The skin care product claims to:

  • Prevent the skin from aging.
  • Contain ingredients which are 100% natural.
  • Give users an appearance that is younger and smoother.
  • Protect the skin from harmful radicals and the dangerous UV lights from the sun.

Hydralie Ageless Moisturizer Ingredients

It contains ingredients such as aloe vera, extracts from the Asian Ginseng root, cucumber extracts (Cucumis sativus), carrot extracts and extracts from the avocado fruit. All these ingredients have been used in their naturally occurring raw form.

How does Hydralie Ageless Moisturizer Work?

Unlike most skin and anti-skin aging products which only work on the top surface of the skin, Hydralie goes deeper and even reaches the dermal layer of the skin. After it has been absorbed, it is assimilated by the dermal cells. This helps it to rearrange the damaged and the dead skin cells because upon assimilation, it helps the skin produce elastin and collagen. Elastin and collagen makes the skin become tighter.

Hydralie Ageless Moisturizer Pros

  • Keeps the skin hydrated as it contains key moisturizing agents.
  • Made of naturally occurring ingredients.

Hydralie Ageless Moisturizer Cons

  • Does not provide results to users who are above 40 years.
  • It is expensive compared to other skin care products in its category.
  • Has devastating side effects.
  • Not suitable for use by people with pre-existing skin conditions.


Despite its claims, only a handful of users achieve the desired results after using this product.

Where to buy Hydralie Ageless Moisturizer?

Hydralie Ageless Moisturizer can be purchased online from hydralie.com.

Is Hydralie Ageless Moisturizer a scam?

From the much negative feedback and the reviews this product has continued to receive from its users, it is very likely that it is a scam.

Hydralie Ageless Moisturizer Side effects

  • Skin irritation.
  • Leaves marks on skin when one stops using it.
  • It acts as a skin cover, blocking the skin’s sweat pores and air spaces.
  • Causes burning sensations, especially on the eyes region.

Final Verdict

The effectiveness of a product is determined by its rate of success. A good product should have more pros than cons. This is not the case for the Hydralie Ageless Moisturizer. It does not live up to its claims.