His Blue Pill Review: Does it Work? Ingredients, Side Effects, Scam


His Blue Pill ReviewsHis Blue Pill reviews

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men especially as they grow older. It has been associated with people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and hormonal problems. It has also been associated with psychological problems. There are many products that have been made to be able to deal with this problem.

Company Behind His Blue Pill

His blue pill is manufactured by a company called Physicians Forever Young Products. This company makes its products using all-natural dietary supplements. It is situated in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

His Blue Pill Claims

  • That it increases blood flow to the penis
  • That it increases energy for sexual intercourse
  • That it increases sexual desire
  • That it increases sexual performance
  •  That it increases the ability to sustain sexual activity

His Blue Pill Ingredients

Maca roots- Maca is a plant found in Peru that has been promoted for helping people with erectile dysfunction although there has been insufficient evidence to prove this.• L-citrulline-an amino acid that helps to increase nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide helps arteries in the body to relax therefore improving blood flow to the body.• Korean Red Ginseng-this helps to maintain glucose levels in the body therefore reducing fatigue.

How Does His Blue Pill Work?

By using the above ingredients His blue pill therefore works by increasing nitric oxide in the body which in turn increases blood supply to the penis which then will make it firm. The Korean red ginseng will maintain the glucose level, therefore during sexual intercourse one is not fatigue and would be able to sustain the activity.

His Blue Pill Pros

  • It is made from natural products.
  • Because of use of nitric oxide which increases blood supply throughout the body, there is maintenance of a firm penis.
  • One is able to sustain sexual activity because of the increase of glucose levels by Korean Red Ginseng.

His Blue Pill Cons

  • There is very little information about its use by customers.
  • Research that has been done on some of the ingredients used shows little evidence to support its effects on erectile dysfunction.
  • The drug has not yet been evaluated by FDA.
  • Currently, the drug is being supplied only in the united stated therefore not available to many consumers.

His Blue Pill Results

The product has very few reviews, with some customers saying it took a while for it to work. A few customers said it worked for them.

Where to buy His Blue Pill?

The product is available on online stores. It can also be found on the website of the manufacturer. It is also available to the consumer through registered retailers.

Is His Blue Pill a Scam?

The product could be a spam. This is because of the research done on its ingredients, which shows little evidence and information to prove that it really works for erectile dysfunction. The product has very little information on the amount of each ingredient used. It may be working by improving a customer’s confidence.

His Blue Pill Side Effects

  • It may cause awareness of heartbeat, this is because of increased blood supply in the body
  • It may cause abdominal upset
  • It may also cause headaches.
  • It may worsen a cardiovascular disorder. This is because blood flowing to the heart would be reduced by increasing blood flow to the penis.

Final Verdict

His blue pill is a product that has been formulated with natural ingredients such as maca that has not been proven to deal with erectile dysfunction. It is a supplement that may have potential side effects that are not yet known since it is not FDA approved. Its reviews are very few and vague, therefore providing limited information on its effectiveness.

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