HCG Complex Review: Scam, Side Effects, Results, Ingredients, Does it Work?

HCG Complex ReviewsHCG Complex reviews

HCG Complex is a weight loss supplement system which includes both a dietary plan and strategy which will help you control your eating and drops containing nutritional compounds to support your efforts to drop unwanted pounds. The product is sold in two-ounce bottles – the smallest size you can buy is two bottles, which are billed as “buy one get one free,” and priced at $70.

How Does HCG Complex Work?

HCG Complex is meant to be taken in association with a specially designed “very low-calorie diet.” The product itself is meant to encourage your body to use your accumulated fat for fuel during this period, allowing you to achieve dramatic weight loss, at least in theory. It may also support feelings of fullness from the food that you do eat.

HCG Complex Ingredients

The product has a wide list of ingredients which are not given particular priority. The full list is on the manufacturer’s website if you are curious, but it is not clear which ingredient is meant to accomplish what. The great majority of the ingredients, however, are either botanical extracts (maca root, grape seed, Panax ginseng) or amino acids such as L-Carnitine and Beta-alanine. It isn’t clear how much of each compound is present in each serving of the product, although the total amount in ten drops (a standard serving) is 200 ml.

HCG Complex Pros

  • Comes with a dietary plan, helping you stay focused on the intake end of the diet problem
  • Easy to use.
  • Different formulation makes it easier if you’re not a good pill swallower
    Bulk discounts are available

HCG Complex Cons

  • There is no clinical information provided to back up the claims that this formula works, although a diet that is restricted in calories will help weight loss in most cases
  • The price is rather high given that lack of firm evidence
  • We don’t know how much of the various ingredients are in each serving

Is HCG Complex a Scam?

The ingredients in the proprietary formula are amino acids and natural herbal extracts.
HCG Complex is meant to be taken in combination with a calorie restricted diet and is not a replacement for that diet or other healthy habits.

HCG Complex Side Effects

The Manufacturers claims that the product didn’t show any side effects however, the consumers have come up with the side effects that include: Headache, Fatigue, Depression, Irritability, Swelling in feet, ankles and toes, Pain in the area where you received an injection and Restlessness.

HCG Complex Dosage

Use ten drops three times per day, at least thirty minutes before meals. Hold under the tongue for at least thirty seconds before swallowing.

Final Verdict

The product is claimed to be good, however, customers have come up with the negative feedback saying the product is less effective and showcasing various side effects. Therefore the product is not good for use and highly avoidable.

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