Greens Freak Review: Scam, Ingredients, Results, Does it Work? Side Effects

Greens Freak Reviewsgreens freak reviews

Green Freaks is ideal for athletes and lifters. It is said that Greens Freak is the most complete green supplement and it contains a great source of super food green formula. Greens freak main functions are to boost the user health and performance. The main green super foods that were used to design this product are barley grass, wheat grass and alfalfa.

Company behind Greens Freak

The company that created Greens Freak is PHARMAFREAK. It was founded by Alex Savva and Don Gaureau in 2008. Both founders have over ten years experience in the dietary supplement industry.

Greens Freak Ingredients

The ingredients that are used to formulate Greens Freak are wheat grass, alfalfa grass and barley which are known has the green super foods. Along with those green Superfoods, ingredient complexes are also used they include:

  • Sprouted Super Grains such as Wheat and Rice bran
  • Complete Super foods such as Bee pollen, Spinach and Parsley
  • Red Super foods include Beet juice and Dulse

How does Greens Freak Work?

Greens Freak is administered by taking one serving per day.The label suggests that you take 8.8grams of the Greens Freak powder and then mix it with eight (8) ounces of water.After the Greens Freak is ingested it starts with recovering the body’s immune system, then it detoxifies the body by eradicating useless substances such as toxic and harmful substances.

Greens Freak Pros

  • Greens Freak helps the body to maintain a balanced level of acidic base in our body.
  • It helps with the daily function of the body Greens Freak helps the body to defy infection and sickness
  • It helps to improve the body’s immune system

Greens Freak Cons

  • The colour of Greens Freak when mixed is unappealing The product does not taste like Vanilla Chai
  • The taste is unpleasant and overpowering
  • The quantity of each ingredients that were used to design the product is not displayed for users to thoroughly scrutinize overall benefit of the supplement.

Greens Freak Results

Green Freaks does not improve digestion or immune health. This product decreases overall energy. This green supplement does not provide the stamina and built for athletes and lifts stated.

Where can you purchase Greens Freak?

Green Freak can only be purchased online.

Is Greens Freak a Scam?

Green Freak is a scam, because this product does not help the users. The result of Greens Freak is alarming and users of this supplement need to be aware of what they are putting in their bodies. This supplement cannot help you build the muscles or boost your energy level that it claims. It cannot not treat any health problem. This product is a scam, it cannot make the changes to your body that it claims.

Greens Freak Side effects

The product is not recommended for asthma sufferers as well as individuals who may be allergic to any of its ingredients. Some of the possible side effect are: nausea, bloating and weaken the immune system. Any one under the age of 18 as well as pregnant mother such not be consuming this product. Some of the possible side effects are frequent infections and diseases.

Final Verdict

Green Freak cannot treat your immune health or increase any bodily functions. It does not prevent your body cells from being damaged by getting rid of harmful substances from the body. Greens Freak does not provide adequate information its user. It is ineffective in meeting your health and fitness goals. This product as stated cannot treat, or prevent any disease.

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