Five Easy Workouts to Shed The Pounds Quickly


In this article you will learn 5 easy exercises to lose weight that will help you trim your body fast. None of these exercises are all that difficult, but if you do them in combination, they will work and stretch necessary parts of your body that aid in fast weight loss.

1. Walking: People underestimate the power of walking and therefore do very little of it. But just 30 minutes per day everyday can work wonders on your body. Over time these 30 minute sessions will trim and tone as well as improve your lung function. It is great for the body and mind and will help you function better in every aspect of life.

2. Swimming: Not the usual water sport, this stretching technique can do wonders for your arms and shoulders. To perform this exercise and warm up your shoulders for the next exercises simply hold 2, three pound weights and with your feet together, “swim” your shoulders backwards ten times and then forward ten.

3. Obliques: To stretch your oblique muscles, put your feet together and use the same weights. Lift the right weight as high as you can toward your right armpit. Bend your elbow and lower, as you lower lift the left side. Repeat twenty times on each side. Doing an oblique stretch can help tighten and tone your waist line.

4. Ballet Squat: Ballet is wonderful for your body, stretching and toning your muscles with this exercise will help you lose weight fast. A ballet stretch you can easily do anywhere is a ballet squat. To perform this stretch open your legs to second position with your feet pointed outward. Keeping your knees over your ankles, lower yourself slowly, hold the weights in front of you. Straighten back up with your knees slightly bent and repeat twenty-five times.

5. Tailbone Lift: The final stretch that will help strengthen your core is the tailbone lift. Lay on your back with your hands interwoven behind your head. Lift your legs up holding them as straight as possible above your hips. Lift your tailbone off the floor one inch and bring it back down as slow as possible. Repeat twenty-five times.

This article discussed 5 easy workouts to help you trim your body. These exercises to lose weight will help tone muscles and target the trouble areas most people have. By targeting these areas it will be easier to trim your body and shed pounds quickly.