Erexanol Review: Scam, Side Effects, Ingredients, Does it Work?


Erexanol ReviewsErexanol reviews

Erexanol is a male enhancement cream created by the company with the same name. It is said to be powerful, and to work quickly. The cream’s website claim it delivers powerful enhancement where you need it, when you need it. But is that actually true?

Company Behind Erexanol

The company behind Erexanol bears the same name as the cream itself. There is little information about the company online, which makes is hard to find out anything about them.

Erexanol Claims

The cream claims to deliver more blood to the penis increasing it in both size and firmness when you have an erection. They claim it will help men get longer and harder erections, and that it makes them last longer in bed.

Erexanol Ingredients

The cream’s ingredients include L-Arginine, Methyl Nicotinate, Maca Extract and white nettle, and it seems they think it’s common to know what these are. They do give some explanation to what the ingredients are, but they are very vague. The Maca Extract for example, is supposedly called the “Latin American Viagra.”

How Does Erexanol Work?

As mentioned earlier, the cream claims to work like this; The erexanol stimulated the blood flow into the penis, and expands the blood vessels. It’s supposed to work right away. Since more blood is flowing into the penis, it should increase both in size and firmness. The “Latin American Viagra” is also there to help aid the sexual pleasure.

Erexanol Pros

  • Absorbs quickly
  • Ingredients quickly enter users body
  • Includes ingredients to help with stamina
  • Stocked at many online retailers, such as amazon. (It’s easy to get a hold of)
  • Smooth texture that won’t ruin the mood

Erexanol Cons

  • Can’t be used with pregnant women
  • Can’t be used with women breastfeeding
  • Smells like aged semen
  • Doesn’t work for most men
  • Expensive, $319 for a 6-month supply

Where to buy Erexanol?

Mentioned as one of the pros, the product is very easy to find online. Just about every online retailer dealing in these kind of products have them. Amazon even does, so it’s super easy to get a hold of.

Is Erexanol a Scam?

So, is it a scam? Does it really work? Does the penis get bigger? Is it harder? Do you last longer in bed? In short; no. Most people certainly don’t sense any improvement. They also say it doesn’t smell, which seems to be completely wrong. After all, many customers report that it smells like aged semen.

Erexanol Side Effects

There are no special side effects reported nor found. The only “side effect” is the fact that if it’s used with a woman pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s very bad for the baby. It’s an important side-effect, but one easily avoided.

Final Verdict

Is the cream worth it’s money? Should you buy this cream? Probably not. It doesn’t seem to work for most men, and for those few it works for, well, it might just be all in their head. There are other products out there, many that are confirmed to work. This one is not.

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