Erectile dysfunction – Cures, Causes and Treatments


Erectile dysfunction – difficulty of maintaining a hard enough erection to complete sex – is a very common problem. If you are among the 40% of men over 40 who suffer from low libido or erectile dysfunction know that there are things you can do to improve your sexual health.

First you need to analyze your lifestyle and your overall health, as this problem may be caused by a sedentary life, overweight and diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension or treatment as the prostate cancer. Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction due to psychological problems and other anxiety related intimate situations.

But there are natural treatments and supplements composed of several good herbs to combat erectile dysfunction and increase libido and testosterone that can help solve the problem. Take natural supplements and change some aspects of your daily life can help balance your hormones and provide a better environment in all aspects of your life, not just the sexual aspect.

Many men prefer natural treatments for erectile dysfunction to prescribed treatments. Many herbs used in natural remedies that are used to treat erectile dysfunction have a long tradition in Asian people, African and other cultures, but still keep in mind that these drugs are not supervised by any government entity and it is difficult to know exactly what is taking.

Many men choose natural supplements for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems instead of chemical drugs because they are not as aggressive to the human body and not interfere with their normal functions and because the drugs used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction only offer temporary results; after the stop take no longer able to have firm erections again.

Due to the high demand for these treatments many new products have appeared on the market, however the herbs they used are well known to humanity – are already used for centuries to solve sexual problems and improve male sexual performance.

But with so many options available it is difficult to know how to choose the best supplement for erectile dysfunction. But the answer is not difficult. The best supplements for erectile dysfunction are not those who are made ​​up of only one or two herbs, however good they are, but those containing the exact doses of various plant extracts and minerals to be effective without showing dangerous side effects. Although it is true that what works for one person may not work with another is also true that is far more likely to achieve positive results if you use a product that has proven to help many other men.

Pills for Erectile Dysfunction

There are many pills for men on the market, since drugs like Sildenafil and Tadalafil, the 100% natural supplements.

The first objective of these synthetic drugs is fighting the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and to a lesser extent, to premature ejaculation. But the goal of natural supplements not only enhance erections but also improve all sexual health.

Since most supplements are made only with natural ingredients have very few or no negative effects and that can be taken daily for long periods of time until the processing is completed. Moreover chemical drugs for erectile dysfunction when taken often cause various side effects such as headache, back pain, heartburn, intestinal disorders and so forth.

Creams and Gels for Erectile Dysfunction

In addition to the pills for male sexual performance, more popular, there is also a growing demand for local applications that work transdermally, such as creams and oils.

The result is a product of quick action, which although weaker works almost instantly, it is not necessary to wait for him to go through the digestive system as with tablets and capsules; which for some people is very convenient. And the icing on the cake is to have your partner apply it to itself during the preliminaries.

As with the tablets for these external supplements men help achieve erections and hard, but more quickly.

What is better – pills or creams?

The tablets are best. There is that the creams and gels are not good, but the tablets are the best that there for this purpose. But whether you choose to take pills or apply a cream the goal is always the same: longer and harder erections, increased sexual desire and better overall sexual performance.

The difference is that the pills are taken every day, increasing their effect by accumulation, and creams are applied as a rule only when there is sex, functioning more as an extra help.

But if you really want to get the best results possible then a combination of both is the best choice – try using a supplement in tablet form and a good enhancement cream at the same time This will maximize the results several times and you will notice a great time . difference to take only one of them.

By using a good local application of cream will not only greatly improve your sex life as may potentiate the effect of oral supplement you are taking. But should use only original tablets and creams that were created specifically to improve erections.

Always Choose the Best Supplements For Erectile Dysfunction

Although natural remedies are easily accessible over the Internet it is necessary to determine which products are best suited to your case. If you choose a good supplement for erectile dysfunction your sexual performance will improve and thus increase their confidence and well-being in love relationships.

Good natural remedies for erectile dysfunction are composed of plant extracts specially chosen for its benefits to sexual health. For example, some ingredients promote blood circulation, which leads to more blood to the penis so that it is possible to obtain stronger and longer erections. Other ingredients help increase sexual performance and desire. Still others promote the increase of testosterone and nitric oxide. But the most important is to be a natural product, with the correct dosage of each ingredient in order to avoid side effects.

You need to know that the controllable erectile dysfunction or even curable and therefore needs to make every effort to find the perfect treatment for it. It is important to deal with this sexual problem as soon as possible. Just so you will be able to enjoy a good sex life without any problem.

In short, you can not make a decision between the different brands that exist in the market and do not want to be disappointed, you should choose your supplement for sexual performance among these:

– Tablets: Male Extra

– Creams: ProSolution Gel

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Male Extra is the supplement for the most recommended sexual performance of all. Although only use 100% natural ingredients is very powerful – you begin to see results in just 14-30 days. This supplement contains the best natural aphrodisiacs known will centuries for the help they have provided to men with sexual problems. That’s why you will not suffer from any negative side effects when taking Male Extra.

If you are looking for a supplement that can solve all your sexual problems then you have to try Male Extra . It contains a new and improved formula that increases testosterone levels, feelings and sexual pleasure.

And the best thing about Male Extra is that it is recommended even by doctors. This supplement was evaluated by Vedic Lifesciences and the results were fabulous. The study showed that with daily use is possible to achieve and maintain long and hard erections.

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ProSolution gel acts as a lubricant with extra features – it increases the blood circulation in the penis, allowing erections in a short time and extends resistance. This gel is also of great help for all those who need it to stay upright, which have occasional erection problems or those who want to enjoy a good erection while the devil rubs an eye.

The Transdermal technology is a major breakthrough in solving sexual problems and the reason why thousands of men were finally able to take control of their lives and finally found pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

Whether you suffer from inability to achieve an erection, fight to be able to maintain an erection long enough to satisfy your partner, want to increase your libido or enhance the sensations and pleasure of its climax, ProSolution Gel can be the answer you so much as his partner expected.

This powerful gel for male sexual performance is known as one of the fastest on the market because it makes use of powerful ingredients that draw blood directly into the penis. The ingredients of this gel, together with the strong increase in blood circulation, provide long and hard erections and prevent the symptoms of erectile review

No need to spend shame in bed. If you want to have a good sexual performance have to try these supplements. Use an oral supplement every day and strengthen erections with a gel before sex is the best way to have a good sexual performance whenever you need.

By taking one of the oral supplements we recommend every day, act or not sexual activity, and applying one of the creams we recommend a few minutes before sex ensures the best possible performance, as both products complement each other.