Erase Pro Plus Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?


Erase Pro Plus ReviewsErase Pro Plus

Erase Pro Plus is a health supplement that is meant to enable you to build lean muscle mass and to give you a great physique. It is a dietary pill that claims to increase testosterone production in your body. It is considered to be a standalone product that can offer hardcore results.

Company Behind Erase Pro Plus

This health and fitness supplement is manufactured in Largo, Florida by a company called PES Science. This company also sells other supplements like fat burners and protein supplements.

Erase Pro Plus Ingredients

  • Androsta-3-5Diene-7: This substance is solely meant to limit the production of hormone aromatase which converts testosterone into estrogen.
  • Boerhaavia Diffusa Extract: This prevents estrogen from binding to a receptor site
  • Euonymus Alatus Extract: This also blocks aromates and supports the production of testosterone

How does Erase Pro Plus Work?

This formula contains ingredients that support and increase the production of testosterone. You are required to take a single pill in a day to benefit from this dietary supplement. However, it does not work the same for everyone. It may work for one person and may not to another.

Erase Pro Plus Pros

  • It encourages lean muscle growth and development
  • It inhibits enhances the production of testosterone
  • It is said to be a powerful anti-catabolic and contains no synthetic additives

Erase Pro Plus Cons

  • You may have a hard time trying to sleep at night after taking this supplement
  • There are no scientific pieces of evidence or medical tests to prove its efficacy
  • You must stack this product and as such there may be additional expenses
  • There is an extensive list of warnings and safety measures on its label

Erase Pro Plus Results

The manufacturer recommends that you take one pill per day for a period of 8 weeks to benefit from this supplement. Additionally, you must observe a healthy dietary plan as well as engage in physical exercises on a regular basis.

Where to buy Erase Pro Plus?

Erase Pro Plus is available online through the manufacturer’s official website. It is also available on third-party sites that advertise and market the product as affiliates. This supplement goes for $64.99 and you are expected to use it for a period of 8 weeks and take one capsule per day.

Is Erase Pro Plus a Scam?

There are fewer positive and more negative reviews about this product. The price looks pocket-friendly to some people and to some it is not. The results claimed by the manufacturer just don’t seem reliable and it is considered as a scam. Only spend your moeny on supplements that have been clinically tested for effectiveness.

Erase Pro Plus Side Effects

The biggest and most notable side effect of using this product is joint pain. This is because this product dries you out; it drains you to give the lean muscle effect. This is not good as it can cause other health complications like arthritis. You might experience insomnia, breakouts of pimples, and greasy epidermis. You should, therefore, be careful and if you must boost your testosterone levels by using supplements seek the advice of your doctor.

Final Verdict

When you decide to use supplements to increase your performance at the gym to get lean muscle mass, this product can help you achieve those results. However, it may cause undesirable side effects and it may not work for you. Remember, there is no supplement that works perfectly well with all body shapes sizes and genes. Always consult your physician before using any medication.

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