Ephedrex Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, Scam, Does it Work?

Ephedrex ReviewsEphedrex reviews

Today, there are so many products touted as being effective in solving one problem or the other. Ephedrex too has gained wide review as a weight loss supplement without serious side effects. While some are really great products, you’ll agree with me that so many scams are out there.

Everything you need to know to take a “buy” or “don’t buy” decision on the product is presented below.

Company Behind Ephedrex

A USA- based company, Elite Nutrition Corporation is the manufacturer of Ephedrex. Below are some of the major claims of the company’s nutritionist on the effectiveness and usage of Ephedrex.

Ephedrex Claims

The manufacturers claim that the Ephedrex supplement would help you loose weight without serious side effects. It also speeds up your metabolism. Your increased metabolism ensures fat and bodily fluid does not build up in your body. This process enhances weight loss without going through any special exercise or diet program.

Ephedrex has also been claimed to increase mental alertness and increased energy. You’ll begin to experience result within few days of usage, typically below 7 days.

Ephedrex Ingredients

Below are the ingredients that makes up Ephedrex:

  • Glucosinolates: With a typical pungent property, Glucosinolate is present in some herbs and vegetables. They are health enhancers.
  • Synephrine: This ingredient is a naturally occurring metabolic enhancer. It is mostly present in oranges.
  • Stingy Nettle Leaf: This ingredient is a good detoxifier.
  • Picamilon: A supplement in itself that contains vitamin B3. Intake of vitamin B3 is recommended daily.
  • Yohimbine: Yohimbine’s function in the whole ingredient mix is as an aphrodisiac and stimulant.
  • Acacia Rigidula: A good source of phenethylamine. It contributes by increasing appetite and metabolic rate.

How Does Ephedrex Work?

The combination of herbs and neutraceutical extracts work by stimulating four systems in the body- the Respiratory System, Excretory System, Circulatory System and the CNS- Central Nervous System. This increases the body’s metabolism that burns out fat and reduces fluid in the body.

Ephedrex Possible Side Effects

Since the major ingredients are purely herbs and of natural origin, the product is claimed to have no side effect.

Ephedrex Pros

Below are some of the advantages of using Ephedrex:

  • The product is made from ingredients of natural origin.
  • There is no need of extra diet program to complement the functions of Ephedrex.

Ephedrex Cons

Below are some of the product’s disadvantages:

  • The fact that no side effect has been reported or published makes the intake of the product more dangerous. Active ingredients in herbs are known to have dangerous allergic symptoms in some people.
  • The public has insufficient information on the product to be consumed by them. Till date, no information has been provided on the proximate composition of each ingredient in the product.
  • The pedegree of the manufacturer is a question which begs for answer.
  • The product may not be readily available after all. The sale of the product is limited to online mediums.

Ephedrex Results

While there has been claims of weight loss by some users, counter claims have surfaced online by a number of other users as to the non-effectiveness of the product. Some users that witnessed weight loss claimed it was in combination with other programs like good diet regime. This is against one of the major “advantages” of the product.

Where to Buy Ephedrex?

Ephedrex is mostly available at online stores. You hardly purchase the product physically in retail stores.

Is Ephedrex a Scam?

There is no proof that Ephedrex works alone without being combined with other weight loss programs. Most users have reported combining exercise and diet programs.When this happens, it is difficult to ascertain the effectiveness of the product. However, since most single users have reported ineffectiveness, Ephedrex is considered non-effective to reduce weight loss without other weight loss programs.

Final Verdict

There are numerous questions yet unanswered especially with regards to the safety of the product. The fact that no side effect has been published by the manufacturer requires caution on Ephedrex’s usage.

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