Energize Greens Review: Scam, Side Effects, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Energize Greens ReviewsEnergize Greens reviews

Energize Greens is an energy supplement that comes in a drink mix formula. The purpose is to flush out the body by loading it with antioxidants, nutrients, and probiotics with the 25 different fruits that are said to make up the concoction that is known as the “perfect supergreen formula.

Company Behind Energize Greens

The energy supplement is made by a company called Holistic Labs LTD. The business is located in the British Virgin Islands. They are also the makers of other supplements including Energize Reds.

Energize Greens Claims

  • Increase energy levels and immunity to keep you from getting sick.
  • Loaded with five kinds of helpful bacteria and tons of powerful antioxidants.
  • Made of only natural ingredients.
  • There are no bad side effects.It’s affordable at $75 for a month supply.

Energize Greens Ingredients

There are six main ingredients found in Energize Greens. Spirulina is a protein used to develop body tissues. Wheat grass works to strengthen the immune system. Beet root is for inflammation and blood pressure. Chlorella is another ingredient to strengthen immunity. Alfalfa works for blood circulation. Eleuthero root or Siberian Ginseng is for stress and fatigue.

How Does Energize Greens Work?

Energize Greens is a dry powder that mixes together with water, juice, or another beverage. It must be consumed each day. The combination of superfoods, vitamins, and nutrients are supposed to rid the body of toxins and increase energy and brain power. It is also supposed to balance hormones and reduce weight.

Energize Greens Pros

  • The Energize Greens formula contains phytonutrients that are essential for boosting the body’s metabolism and immune system and essentially it can be used for all different kinds of people.
  • The drink mix is simple to prepare and it has all the nutrients and vitamins required for top body functioning in one container.

Energize Greens Cons

  • Energize Greens is not a medicine of any kind so it cannot be used for a medical condition or illness.
  • You can only buy it online, you can’t find it in stores.
  • It claims to be doctor approved, but it has only been praised by one MD.
  • There have been no independant studies or clinical trials completed.

Energize Greens Results

The results of this product vary from customer to customer. Some say that they noticed a change in their life while others said nothing was different.

Where to Buy Energize Greens?

The energy supplement, as mentioned, can only be purchased online. You cannot find the powder on store shelves anywhere. There is a wide variety of supplement distributors like GNC, iHerb.com, and Vitamin Shoppe that offer this product on the internet.

Is Energize Greens a scam?

Users that have tried this energy supplement claim that they feel as though they have been scammed into believing they are getting something that they didn’t. Many felt as though after taking the drink mix for the recommended time frame, there were no significant changes in their mood, energy, or immune system.

Energize Greens Side Effects

The main side effect associated with this product are the gastrointestinal problems that can occur with continued use. The issues can range from a mild discomfort in the abdomen area up to nausea, diarrhea, constipation, and even vomiting in some cases. Others have also reported headaches after drinking the supplement.

Final Verdict

In the end, there is no real evidence that Energize Greens provides the results that it claims. Scientific studies and clinical trials cannot prove that it works. With a hefty price tag of $75 for a month supply along with the negative side effects it causes, there is no real appeal in trying it.

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