Endozyn Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Results, Scam


Endozyn ReviewsEndozyn

There are many embarrassing moments that happen in life that you do not want anyone to witness. What happens when you and your partner is getting a little frisky and you can not perform? Yes, not having a strong erection at the proper time can put a damper on any relationship.

What would you do? There is a product, Endozyn that claims it will help. I am very skeptical because there are many supplements on the market that claims to be this or that but turns out to be a big fat scam.

Company Behind Endozyn

The company is based in Georgia and they claim to have the best product on the market for male enhancement. They promise to increase a healthy sex life and promotes enhancement, surge in libido and intense orgasms.

Endozyn Claims

  • Endozyn is said to be made of ingredients that is all natural.
  • Enhance the male organ for best performance.
  • Just like any other male enhancement supplement Endozyn claims to be the only to contain premium pro sexual ingredients.
  • The company promise an increase the penis size and stronger orgasms. I heard that one before but all have failed.

Endozyn Ingredients

Here are some of the natural ingredients that is claimed to get that top notch erection and bigger penis size. However, after looking up the ingredients on multiple medical websites the claims are far fetched in my opinion.

  • Larginne helps the male to achieve an erection on demand
  • Tongkat Ali Powder stimulates libido and improves semen quality.
  • Sasparilla enhances the sex drive by optimizing the actions of the male hormone.
  • MACA improves mood and aids in boosting sexual stamina.
Endozyn Pros
  • Boost self esteem and mood
  • The hype of having a larger and firmer penis
  • The company guarantees to give you your money back when product does not work
Endozyn Cons
  • Taking large amounts of Sasparilla causes stomach irritation. This ingredient may interact with other medication. According to healthline.com the biggest risk is marketing and misinformation.
  • Hurt feelings and a bruised ego because the product does not work.
Endozyn Results

There were no real findings on claims to have an erection on demand like the Endozyn website stated. And at no surprise after hours of research there was no one who grew a larger penis.

Where to buy Endozyn?

This product can be found online at Endozyn.com. It is not cheap at all you can get a month supply on sale for 69.95 for a 30 day supply.

Is Endozyn a Scam?

There are so many supplements on the market and Endozyn is a scam just like the others. As I did the research there are tons of misleading information about this product. I searched and searched for other studies to back up the claims I came to a brick wall.

So, what do I do? I call the company and the customer service agent could not back up the claims or produce any evidence that this product really works. She put me on long holds many times. Yeah, I am confident that this is a scam

Endozyn Side Effect

The manufacturer claims there are no side effect. But that depends on each person individually. There can be drug drug interactions. There can also be food drug interactions. It is highly suggested before taking this supplement speck to your physician first.

Final Verdict

I would not recommend any male taking this supplement. It will not work and it will most definitely not increase your size. The size you have is what you have and there is nothing wrong with that. And during this research, There were no true findings of an erection on demand.

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