Cognishield Review: Claims, Trial Offer, Side Effects, Ingredients, Is it Safe?


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The ultimate Remedy for Dementia?

The brain, the epicentre of whatever we do in life is something which is preciously safeguarded inside our skulls. The reason why the brain is one of the most protected organs of our body is due to the fact that operating as our body’s nervous system; it has to be functioning at its best at all times. Even including our sleep.

We have our own means to maintain other physical aspects of our body, be it by means of swimming, jogging hitting the gym, what have you.

How do we maintain the credibility of our brains to make sure it’s functioning at its fullest potential?

Let’s find out more how a company called Cognishield came together to put together a product that is able answer the very question on how to feed our mind in a healthy way.

Company Behind Cognishield

CogniShield, a low profile company which connects to its customers solely by the internet emerged in recent years came about together to improve what was already available on the market- to create a marvellous product which is poised to make other pharmaceutical companies shaking in their knees.

Cognishield Claims

In the early 1960s, Scientists from the now defunct Soviet Union created a solution that was aimed to tackle motion sickness. Cognishield claims that the superior ingredient- made up of four individual ingredients are far more superior when combined together. It has been said to alleviate, and in some cases cure the following issues faced by the elder generation:-

  • Memory loss
  • Loss of focus
  • Alertness depreciation
  • Reduced concentration

Cognishield Ingredients

The compilation of ingredients found in this product can be found in our every life such as food supplements, nutraceuticals, drugs and various food sources. It’s sometimes referred to as smart pills, memory/neuro enhancers, or cognitive enhancers.

The ingredients that make up the ingenuity of this marvellous product called Nootropics are:-

  1. Noopept
    1. An ingredient that was founded in Russia. It’s primarily used to treat all kinds of cognitive disorders like memory recall, mental strength, concentration and also age related memory disorders.
    2. Other primary function of this ingredient include increasing the synaptic neuroplasticity that helps the brain form new neural connections and helps the brain compensates for injury and disease without killing the brain cells.
  2. Phenyl-Piracetam
    1. One of the well-known and well researched substances today by modern researchers. It enhanced mental and physical performances of the human body.
    2. Its benefits include increasing brain function of people suffering from Alzheimer’s, stroke injuries and other brain trauma related injuries. Apart from that, it boosts cognitive responses and shorten learning curves-one which we can normally find in toddlers who are just learning to speak and learn new things. Apart from its ability to boots learning activity, it also produces a mentally calming effect and reduces anxiety. Something which is prevalent in anti-depressants of modern medicine.
  3. L-Theanine
    1. A famous ingredient which Asians are very familiar with in a staple drink. Green tea. The ingredients of green tea has been so famous with Asian people for its healing properties, with some claiming that it helps to prevent or even treat cancer- which are caused by degenerative red blood cells. L-theanine is basically an Amino acid which has the same reproductive healing properties that was found around the late 1940s
  4. Choline
    1. A micronutrient class B vitamin. It’s a strain of lecithin in a form of emulsifier which prevents fats from clogging your liver and sticking to the walls of your arterial system. The inclusion of Choline in this product not only helps clogging of your liver, but it helps to increase the potencies of other Nootropics like Piracetam and Noopept. Studies have shown that insufficient consumption of Choline may result in the loss of memory and learning ability.

How does Cognishield Work?

How Nootropics ingredients come together to be called Cognishield; goes by helping the human brain by:-

  • Improve memory processing and recall
  • Increase your ability to hold on to memories and learned behaviors during brain traumas
  • Guard against physical and chemical assaults on the brain
  • Raise the brain’s operational and mechanical abilities
  • Never make you sleepy or cause mobility problems
  • Avoid side effects and toxicity

Cognishield Pros

  • Claims of helping various ailments such as Alzheimer and old age related problems
  • A one-pill-for-all pill saves you the hassle of time and money to scour from clinic to clinic or doctor to doctor to treat a specific ailment
  • Its ingredients can be backed up by studies that they are from natural sources that can be found in our everyday food intake

Cognishield Cons

  • No particular pharmaceutical company or organisation has publicly stepped up to back the legitimacy of the good this product can bring.
  • The price is rather steep for the targeted audience who may not have what it takes to purchase it
  • Their discovery arose from early as the early 1960s, and its taking almost 4 decades for it to hit the shelves for easy procurement.
  • If there were any hard-backing of well-renowned researchers or doctors, and with all the extensive proper research, the retail price of this product will be too high for the low income earners who may be in need of it

Cognishield Results

Consumer of this particular product reported improvement in their memory recall process even after the affects of brain trauma. It also raises the brain operational and mechanical abilities and has been reported never to make you sleep or cause mobility impairments.

Where to buy Cognishield?

To make purchase of your very own Cognishield, do visit their official website via their contact form or call 1-844-862-6464

Is Cognishield Safe?

Although there is very little knowledge of its parent company, Cognishield itself; there has thus far been no indication that anyone who consumes their product has resulted in a far worse scenario than they began the consumption of the product. If it appeases you, when you’re in contact with their sales department, ask for a money back guarantee inclusive of medical costs(if something amiss takes place)

Cognishield Side effects

There has been no side effects made known to the public as of yet, only positive ones. In retrospective, if you’re beginning to consume this product, you most probably would be giving it to a person who is already suffering from dementia, or Alzheimer, and furthermore, if the nootropics are of natural ingredients, there shouldn’t be any side effect that we should be worried of.

Final Verdict

All in all, I believe that this product can do some good for the masses that are suffering from Alzheimer, dementia or any other old age related disorders. If they indeed do contain natural substances, it would be quite safe to consume it, unless the manufacturer states clearly that they comprise of chemically induces substances.