Review: Is it a Scam? Dating Site Review, Shocking FACTS

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“Distance only brings hearts closer, for the love doesn’t see any boundaries.” This line is no more a part of fiction and let me explain you how!

Charm Date is a website which promises to hook you up with some of the boldest and prettiest Russian and Ukrainian single ladies out there. The website claims to be scam free and has some clients’ great reviews too.
This website is a part of Qpid Group which itself is a reputable name in online dating sites. The group has its roots of establishment since 1998 which displays the great reputation in itself as fake business groups don’t last this long. So from company part of view this site is trustworthy in my opinion.
The primary target is to attract men from large and dense areas such as Asia and Latin America. As a male of this country you might collide with some Russian or Ukrainian woman in any tourist area, but chances of you dating them from then are even less than lightning bolt falling on you. Promises

  • Ladies will be available for chat every time you log in your account.
  • You can pick up the ladies of your interest with age group based filters and all those ladies are genuine.
  • Customer service is always available.
  • Response rate is better than other sites.

How does Work?

Well, the procedure is quite simple as all these girls are genuine and are paid for their work. They aren’t forced into this, they are on this platform because they wish to.
You make your account and select the ladies of your choice, you subscribe to the plan you wish or take a free trial. You then ping the ladies who you believe to be your potential wives and exchange sweet words of affection with them.
If the chemistry sets in, all your words will be no more than a blessing to you. Who knows down the lane after many years you might have a good laugh with she near you on bed about how you met. TO GET THE TRIAL OFFER CLICK HERE Services & Support

You can start by pinging the ladies you are interested in and when you do so, the lady on other end will get notification from where she can continue chat with you.
About services, this platform has numerous services available, making sure you don’t lag finding your significant other. You can email them, have live calls and send gifts as well. You can also have a look at their videos in case you want to know more. What more does a man need I wonder.

This platform gets over 18000 visitors monthly. Every time you login, a total of nearly 500 women can be found online. You can also browse through the online profiles at that moment and start chatting with them. Quality of Profiles

Since the beginning of era, the Russian and Ukrainian ladies are always adored and sorted after. Using this website you can also search the lady of right age group for you and go through any profile. Surprisingly but true enough, you’ll never be disappointed. Safety & Privacy

All the chat information are always kept confidential and none of your or girl’s data is let out. The Qupid group has always been trust worthy in online dating and has proved its mettle here as well. Your privacy is the priority here and you can be relaxed about it. Pricing (Membership)

CharmDate has a starter as well as a premium pack for you. Starter pack is free of cost and available at the first login. Although only thing that can be done is sending a few emails which isn’t really the cool way of doing things.
But with premium membership which costs $9.99 per month ($3.99 for first month) you can be the winner of game as you get to send emails, gifts etc., have calls and also you can peek at hidden pictures. You get 2 credits and 15 chats with this fee of membership. As you pay more, you get more credits at reasonable prices.

Registration is very simple part here. All you need for registration is an e-mail id, password and a valid credit card. Just three things and you have to fill up a form inquiring your casual details. Just a few easy steps and you are all ready to step into the site. Customer Service

Customer service is great and available 24 hrs. You can call them about any query and you won’t be disappointed. Though the only downside is that premium member calls are always given priority, so in case you are a starter customer, be ready to have your patience tested a bit. Pros

  • You get to talk to most beautiful single ladies of the world.
  • You can select girl of your dreams using filters available.
  • Huge base provides you with women online every time.
  • Many innovative ways to convey your message using virtual gifts etc.
  • Live call facility to bring you one step closer and let you know about the lady you chat to. Cons

  • No logic about how so many women are online at 4-5 am according to their local time?!
  • You can’t share your any e-mail address or contact number or social media link.
  • Starter Free Membership is next to useless.
  • What’s the surety that all the money you paid for a woman will really come and meet you from her country?

Is a scam?

In my opinion the answer is NO. The website has mentioned everything clear and also the ladies are genuine with proper salary paid to them and no one is forced.
All these things make this website win the trust of the customers and promises them a genuine happy time with ladies of their choices. Only two sort of people can call this site a scam – First, who are broke to date. Second – The competitors who are losing the race.

Final Verdict

Do you like Russian or Ukrainian Ladies and are ready to be dating seriously with them? Are you sure you don’t believe in international cultural differences? If YES is the answer, then my friend, this is the best site for you.
You can start today and talk with any lady whom you like. You can be comfortable regarding every chat on this platform and express yourself which will let the flow of thoughts to be smooth and you’ll be able to think properly. TO GET THE TRIAL OFFER CLICK HERE
This is the best online dating site by a trust worthy group you can come across, so in my opinion it’s a win-win situation and you should go for it!