Brilliance SF Review {SHOCKING}: Does it Work? Side Effects


Brilliance SF Review Brilliance SF

You are not happy about your skin tone, especially on the face. After a small chat with a friend, it could be she advised you to try this new product called Brilliance SF.

She heard about it and she couldn’t help, but get excited with all the great things that have been said about it. Well, before you fall into that trap like she did, you might want to read this review first. This product is not exactly what they say it is.

Company behind

Brilliance SF is manufactured by a very little known company. In fact, for a very sensitive area like this, we expected them to give us more information about them and their product, but they haven’t. This actually raises some red flags

Brilliance SF claims
  • It lifts and strengthens your facial skin
  • Improves the color and tone of your skin
  • It makes those aging signs disappear
  • Helps protect your skin from harmful rays like UV
  • Keeps the skin well hydrated throughout the day


Some of the ingredients that have been used have been kept a well guarded secret by the manufacturer.  We really can’t tell why they chose to take that direction. All we have been told is the product is made for high quality ingredients.

How does Brilliance SF work?

This product is said to penetrate through the skin and makes it former. It strengthens it and make sure those aging sign are removed. It also makes sure there is enough blood circulation under the skin.

Brilliance SF Pros

  • Natural supplement

Brilliance SF Cons

  • Not sold in stores
  • It could cause some damages to your skin
  • Some claims seem exaggerated
  • Little information about it and the maker have been provided

Brilliance SF Results

If you think this skin care product is going to give you that glowing skin in days; we are sorry for we are going to spoil the party for you. Contrary to what the manufacturer has insisted over and over, this product doesn’t work as claimed.  You are not going to get any great results; that we can assure you.

Where to buy Brilliance SF?

This is a purely online product. You will not find it being sold in stores in town. For a pack, you will be forced to visit their official website and make an order.

Is Brilliance SF a scam?

Brilliance SF’s authenticity and legitimacy is questionable and because of a number of reasons. For a very sensitive product like this, we expected the manufacturer to put it through the necessary tests to find out if it does work and safe for people to use. They have failed to do that. Additionally, so much information about this product has been kept a secret by the manufacturer.

Brilliance SF Side effects

Just like most skin care products we have in the market, there is a very high chance Brilliance SF will leave you with some side effects. We have spoken to a number of previous users and they are not happy about this skin care product.


Bottom line; even if you are very desperate and you are just willing to use anything available as long as it promises to give you that glowing skin, Brilliance SF should never be on your shopping list. Other than just leaving you disappointed at the end, it could actually leave you staring at some serious skin damage.