BPI Niagenix Review: Scam, Does it Work? Side Effects, Ingredients


BPI Niagenix ReviewsNiagenix reviews

BPI NIAGENIX is an advanced Multi-Functional Weight Loss formula that is designed to help you burn down unwanted body fats, increase the rate of metabolism and assist in controlling appetite . It also contains the Anti-Aging ingredient, Niagen . Research has shown that Niagen helps to promote Cellular Production, improved Metabolism, increased endurance & improved cardiovascular health. BPI’s Niagenix is a unique weight loss product because of its anti-aging ingredient .


BPI Niagenix is manufactured by the BPI Sports company, based in Hollywood Florida . The company is well known in selling nutritional supplements. Its reputation is pretty good since it produces the best fat loss products in the market within an affordable price range.

Niagenix supplement is one of its new product lines for GNC. The Company supplies all its product in almost every part the world.

BPI Niagenix Claims

BPI Sports claims that,

  • Niagenix helps to burn stored body fat for energy.
  • It provides you with mental clarity and improved focus which will help to elevate your overall performance in or out of the gym. It enhances the user’s mood, making them as active as possible.
  • Its effect can be felt from the very first intake of the dose, thanks to its unique Liposomal delivery system which offers better absorption of its key ingredients.
  • The supplement is rich in natural ingredients which have proved to burn fat in the body.

BPI Niagenix Ingredients

Each two capsule serving of Niagenix contains the following;

  • Paradise seed extract grains- the benefits of these grains is that they make the body of the user to on-set Lipolysis which is a safe process of shedding body fats .
  • 10000 IU of Vitamin D3-Helps the user’s body to manage most of the body’s cumulative fats. Vitamin D improves bone and muscle structures.
  • 1.75g of proprietary Niagenix Blend- this blend contains Paradoxine Grains extracted from Paradise seed, saffron extract, caffeine anhydrous, quercetin, nicotinamide riboside (niagen), carnitine L tartrate and chlorigenic acids. Some of the components in the blend increase the body’s temperature making room for burning excessive body fats.
  • Other Ingredients- Magnesium stearate, candurin, silver fine, Gelatin and microcrystalline cellulose.

How Does BPI Niagenix Work?

Based on the blended ingredients, Niagenix works by boosting your energy levels, increasing the rate of blood pumping and kick-starting the process of burning your body’s natural fat.

Each two capsule contains 300mg of caffeine such that even caffeine hardened bodies should be able to feel a strong boost after the supplement’s intake.The quercetin component is primarily for reducing inflammation while cleaning the arteries. Quercetin is common in many diet pills because it’s believed it enhances fat burning. A higher intake of acetylcholine is linked to improved memory, cognition and mood. The paradoxine found in many major pre-workout supplements is believed to be one of the most powerful fat burners in the world.

Virtually, all the ingredients in this supplement are hidden inside the proprietary formula,so the exact amounts of all the ingredients are still unknown. All that is known is that there is 1.75g of niagenix blend of which 300mg is of caffeine and 10000 IU of vitamin D3 which accounts for 2500% of the daily recommended value.

BPI Niagenix Pros

  • Its ingredients are safe and improve the functionality of the user’s body. It enhances the muscle and bone structure of users as well as increased metabolism, enhanced focus, increased energy and appetite support.
  • Users are guaranteed weight loss within a very short time frame.

BPI Niagenix Cons

  • Not much information is given about the ingredients amount in the proprietary formula. There are about 10 ingredients that make the proprietary combination, and out of the total 1.75g only 300mg of caffeine and 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 are mentioned leaving the other ingredients with no specific weight.
  • There have complaints about its quality and its consistency as the 10,000 UI of vitamin D3 is too much.
  • There is no scientific back up of the supplement’s proprietary blend. Caffeine isn’t considered a significant weight loss ingredient. The natural L-Carnitine element is known in helping to burn body fat but only shows high rates of fat oxidation when 3g or more are taken per day. Which leaves a lot of questions about what exactly causes the very high rates of fat oxidation in Niagenix.
  • The use of choline and quercetin formulas along with high dose of vitamin D3 has not been proven to encourage fat burning in the body although the combination may help to improve your general health and exercise routine.
  • At a cost of $80 for a 30 day supply, Niagenix proves to more expensive than other diet pills in the market with the same or even better results.

BPI Niagenix Results

Results coming from the use of this supplement include burning of excess body fats, improved rate of metabolism which converts the fats into energy and water. The effect of its use can be seen within a couple of days.

Where to Buy BPI Niagenix?

BPI Niagex can be ordered online from BPI Sports website.one bottle holding 60 capsules costs $79.99 plus shipping. Users on subscription get a 10% discount and free shipping. Orders made online require the user to submit their identity, location as well as the payment method.

Is Niagenix a Scam?

BPI Sports is a pretty reputable company. However there have been claims that Niagenix supplement could be a scam. The product components measurements are not fully availed to the public and the claims under which it works has not been scientifically proved as some of the components used are not effective for weight loss. There could be more than what meets the eye.

Niagenix Side Effects

The use of this supplement is great for the general body functioning with improved performance. We cannot make a strong prediction of side effects to the user as at now. However, BIP strongly states that the usage of this supplement will lead to no side effects.

Final Verdict

Niagenix is a great weight loss formula with unique ingredients to help you kick-start your body’s metabolism and burning of natural fat. Although it’s one of the most expensive diet pills, if you are interested in trying a unique blend of ingredients and quick way of losing fat, then BPI Niagenix may be worth a try.

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