BlueChew Review {WARNINGS}: Scam, Side Effects, Does it Work?


Bluechew Review

Erectile dysfunction has become a common problem amongst men due to various lifestyle issues and stress.

ED or Erectile dysfunction is basically the inability to get or sustain an erection, which hinders the occurrence of sexual intercourse.

With the advancements in medical sciences, it has become quite possible to get rid of the problem. However, not all medication has been successful in delivering the results.

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Company Behind Bluechew

Launched by Dr. Alex Jovanovich, BlueChew is a company that offers chewable tablets, which include Sildenafil and Tadalafil, for men suffering with erectile dysfunction.

The company provides the treatments and subscriptions plans through their website

This chewable treatment caters to people who are unable to go to the doctor and do not like taking tablets.

Bluechew Claims

BlueChew offers chewable treatments that:

  • Help in getting rid of problems associated with Erectile Dysfunction
  • Boosts the quality of the person’s sex life.
  • Improves the overall sexual health and sperm volume.
  • Does not have any side effects – (There are no side effects listed on their official site, however an in-depth analysis will reveal the truth, so stay tuned!)

Bluechew Ingredients

Bluechew makes use of the following ingredients to create their chewable tablets:

1. Tadalafil
2. Sildenafil

Viagra and Cialis are the two most common and popular treatments for erectile dysfunction available in the market. Cialis contains Tadalafil and Viagra contains Sildenafil. Both these ingredients are used to form the Bluechew tablets.

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How does Bluechew Work?

Bluechew offers chewable tablets that the male has to consume during appropriate timings. This tablet is available on their official site.

The consumer has to first sign up on the website and choose the appropriate plan according to their needs.

BlueChew offers 3 subscription plans for the consumers depending upon their unique needs. The treatments are delivered to the consumers through the subscription service.

Bluechew Pros

  • The tablet is easy to consume and has a unique design
  • The entire transaction remains completely private – therefore, there are no privacy issues.
  • There is no need to visit a doctor
  • No time is wasted in going to the doctor’s appointments
  • The prescription can be obtained directly from the site

Bluechew Cons

  • This tablet has not yet been approved by the FDA and is still awaiting a response.
  • The process of getting the medication is quite time-consuming
  • Bluechew only offers a subscription plan, which makes it quite expensive
  • You will have to get a monthly subscription to get the tablet, instead of buying your preferred dosage.

Bluechew Results

The results did not turn out to be as the company claims. Bluechew has done extensive marketing for its products, which makes it somewhat “fishy”.

The money spent on the marketing could have been used to improve the product since it is does not seem to show any effects. Most users have claimed that the tablet does not work at all.

Where to buy Bluechew?

The Bluechew tablets can be obtained from their official website. First you will have to fill out the registration form and then you will have to complete a short consultation in order to find the appropriate product according to your needs.

Then you will have to choose your subscription plan and the medication will be delivered to you.

Is Bluechew a scam?

I would not be quick to call it scam, however, most of the consumers have claimed that the product has not met the expectations of its consumers.

Though the company has done an outstanding job with the website and marketing, they need to focus their efforts towards the main product.

Also, there is a long list of side effects that the ingredients have been known to produce, but the company’s website does not say any such thing, which indicates that it might be a scam.

Bluechew Side effects

1. Flu and nasal congestion
2. Heartburn and indigestion
3. Headaches
4. Blurred Vision
5. Cardiac Arrest
6. Hearing Impairment
7. Stroke
8. Priapism
9. Low blood pressure
10. Photophobia

Bluechew has not mentioned any side effects on their website, however the ingredients used clearly indicate that the person taking them might experience such symptoms.

Bluechew Review: Final Verdict

The drug has proven no results whatsoever and should be thoroughly inspected by the FDA to make sure it is completely safe for use.

In conclusion, I would advise you to avoid using this drug until the company and the product provides some proven positive outcomes. Do not risk your health for such petty things and stay safe!

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