Balance Fit Garcinia Review: Scam, Does it Work? Side Effects, Ingredients

Balance Fit Garcinia ReviewsBalance Fit Garcinia reviews

The information online about balance fit garcinia is that it fast tracks weight loss when used together with other methods. This essentially makes it a weight loss supplement. However, from a professional point of view any supplement worth its salt should have passed clinical trials for it to be recommended for general use.

Company Behind Balance Fit Garcinia

The supplement is manufactured by a number of companies using different brand names. This often happens in case of generic drugs and drug supplements where no single manufacturer owns the rights.

Balance Fit Garcinia Claims

  • It increases the rate of metabolism
  • Lowers your appetite thereby reducing the amount of calories consumed
  • Prevents storage of excess food in form of fat
  • Makes you active through
  • Works perfectly when used together with other weight loss methods

Balance Fit Garcinia Ingredients

  • Chromium: gives you extra energy and helps in building muscles rather than fat deposits
  • Pottasium: helps in muscles contractions which enhances you ability to burn calories
  • Hydroxycitric Acid: 60% which boosts metabolism and prevents the formation of new fat cells
  • Fruit Extract: this ingredient that lowers your appetite thereby reducing your intake of calories

How Does Balance Fit Garcinia Work?

In order for you to gain weight you must consume more calories than your body can burn. If you have a large appetite and lead a more or less sedentary lifestyle, then you will surely gain weight. The claim is that the ingredients in garcinia prevents you from eating too much by lowering your appetite. They further increase your metabolism which ensures that much of the calories you consume are converted to energy. This has the effect of promoting weight loss.

Balance Fit Garcinia Pros

  • It is made from natural products there there reduced risk of harm as a result of chemicals
  • It comes in pills therefore it is non-intrusive meaning it is easy to use
  • It reduces appetite and subsequently the amount of calories consumed

Balance Fit Garcinia Cons

  • Lack of clinical trials which makes it difficult to confirm the claims
  • Can only be used by persons above the age of 18
  • The ingredients are not quantified which gives manufacturers the freedom to alter ingredient ratio

Balance Fit Garcinia Results

Although there are claims that the supplement hastens weight loss, lack of clinical trials means that there is no way of knowing whether it actually works or not.

Where to buy Balance Fit Garcinia?

Balance fit Garcinia can be bought online from a variety of vendors who sell a range of drug and food supplements. However, you should be really careful on the online outlet you order the supplement from. This is because some sites will make claims that they have the correct product only to supply you with a fake version.

Is Balance Fit Garcinia a Scam?

There are a number of supplements in the market that have so far proven to be schemes uses by fraudsters to make money. It is however difficult to conclude that this particular one is a scam due to lack of clinical trials.

Balance Fit Garcinia Side effects

It is difficult to outline the exact side effects of the supplement. This is because side effects are often causes by certain compounds in a substance. In the case of Garcinia, the ingredients are not quantified and this makes it difficult to ascertain the side effects. However, some people have reported that it causes stomach upsets.

Final Verdict

I would advice against using this product unless a physician recommends it. This is because some of the ingredients mentioned are the same that have been previously used by scam supplements. In case you decide to use and develop complications, it is advisable that you stop your daily regimen immediately. Expectant and lactating mothers should also stay away from such products due to lack of clinical trials on their effects on such persons.

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