Androdrol Review: Does it Work? Scam, Side Effects, Results


Androdrol ReviewsAndrodrol

Androdrol is a Testosterone Booster created by Powerlab that firstly came out in 2009, but re-introduced itself with some changes in the ingredients in 2010. It is a 100% legal prohormone supplement that helps in the increase of testosterone levels in order to achieve hard muscles but also provides an anti-estrogen to eliminate excess water weight.

Company Behind Androdrol

Powerlab Nutrition is a company with a full line of Cutting-Edge Sports Nutrition products. This company’s supplements are some of the top legal anabolic protein products available and are as effective as they can be without being banned.

Androdrol Claims

Androdrol is a product that aims at bodybuilders and strength athletes.

  • Stimulate muscle growth.
  • Increase strength.
  • Aid in fat loss.
  • Improve stamina.

Androdrol Ingredients

Androdrol has the similar chemical precursors plus the Epistane chemical compound, which is known to be a muscle hardener. Each pill contains 20mg Halovar, 15mg Epistane, 15mg Max LMG, 10mg Superdrol and last 50mg 6-bromo which is supposed to be the anti-estrogen ingredient.

According to Powerlab Nutrition, the suggested dose is 2 caps a day with 6 hours in between, and for no longer than 8 weeks.

How Does Androdrol Work?

If you’re an athlete or body builder, these products will help you reach your fitness and physique goals safely and more quickly. By keeping a steady daily dosage, combing with exercise and a protein diet, these pills promise instant results. According to the instructions one must a capsule in the morning, before breakfast or working out, and another one in the afternoon, or 30 minutes before working out.

Androdrol Pros

To sum up the advantages of this product, one would point out these:

  • Offers 100% absorption since it contains a patented ABSORBTECH delivery system
  • It helps to build muscles as advertised.
  • It’s not the priciest product in its category.
Androdrol Cons

This product could not come out without any cons after its consumption.

  • It is extremely hepatoxic.
  • It is triple methylated comparing to other similar products.
  • Does not deliver all the promised results.
  • There are many documented side effects that should act as inhibitory factor.
Where to buy Androdrol?

Androdrol by Powerlab is all over the online stores and in several selected stores with supplement products for athletes and bodybuilders. Its price range varies from store to store. But in general all the products of Powerlab Nutrition are easy to find.

Androdrol Results

According to people who tried it, the results were obvious but not in the range the product promises. There was no reduction in weight, but increased muscle and strength and not in a short period of time. So from the consumer’s point of view, the product Thus, from the consumer’s point of view, the product does not deliver what it promises.

Is Androdrol a Scam?

Do not use this product if you are at risk or are being treated for high blood pressure, heart, kidney, thyroid or if you experience seizure disorders or stroke. It also might result to some skin side effects. One must also do not use this product for more than 60 days without taking a 60 day break after.

Final Verdict

If you value your health do not use this product at all, or at least for a little time. The side effects are extremely dangerous, since it may result to liver or kidney problems. Sure it may deliver some of the promised results quickly, but not all of them, but at what cost? One must wonder…is it really worth the risk?

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