AgilEase Review: Results, Scam, Side Effects, Ingredients, Does it Work? Price


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AgilEase presents itself as a joint supplement for athletes, senior citizens as well as for the middle-aged who get irritations at their joints after exercising. Manufacturers report that it works to reduce the soreness at the joints to enable a person to work out more freely.

Company Behind AgilEase

The supplement is manufactured by Young Living Essential Oils, a company based in Utah, which claims that there major objective is to supply their oils in every single home in the world.

AgilEase Ingredients

The supplement is made mainly from natural oils which include: frankincense powder, calcium fructoborate, hyaluraonic acid, UC-II undernatured collagen, Curcuminoids complex, rhizome extract and a mixture of oils from Copaiba, Wintergreen, Northern Lights Black Spruce and Clove or flower bud oil. Other ingredients used in the AgilEase are rice flour, hypromellose and silicon dioxide.

How does AgilEase Work?

So how does this supplement really work? For those who regularly exercise but have this persistent inflammation it works by its combination of natural beneficial oils and ingredients to do away with this natural irritation. Taking two capsules a day is what is prescribed by the manufacturers for it to have the best outcome.

AgilEase Claims

  • Offers protection of joint and cartilage health.
  • Helps exercise lovers in their daily work out progress.
  • Enhances joint to become more mobile and flexible.
  • Made from natural ingredients and oils for better and natural results.
  • For fit individuals it works to do away with acute irritation of joints.

AgilEase Pros

  • Ingredients used to make AgilEase are from natural sources.
  • Its directions of use are easy to keep up with.

AgilEase Cons

  • The ingredients that they have given do not have explanations for their specific purpose or any general advantage to a person’s joints.
  • Also they have no scientific backing for the benefits that AgilEase claims to provide.
  • The price is also quite expensive for a naturally extracted product.
  • The official site does not have a public forum where visitors can see other people’s reviews.

Where to Buy AgilEase?

The products can be bought on both wholesale and retail with the former going for $45.75 while the latter goes for $60 per bottle. Every bottle is packaged with 60 capsules meaning it is set to last for a month.

AgilEase Side Effects

Currently, there are no reports of any side effects from the supplement but since there is no scientific backing for their claims and it is important to get recommendations from a qualified physician before use.

Is AgilEase a Scam?

There are no reports yet whether the company is running a scam with their essential oils however as mentioned above they charge quite a high price for their products as compared to other available products.

Final Verdict

It is always prudent to do more research on a product before buying any product to avoid being duped. Before paying for any supplement it is also important to ascertain that they are not out to swindle and also search for other alternatives as well as reviews for comparison purposes. The product should also indicate the percentage of the ingredients they use for the user. Today’s market has all kinds of products that claim to counter joint pain and when selecting ensure they can help in tissue regeneration, ease joint irritation, enhance joint fitness, improve mobility and its ability to prevent future problems.